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Three ways to sew a partial button placket!

Banksia partial placket

Sewing a partial button placket can seem really scary – I know, I get it. Any time you cut into the middle of a garment it feels so risky!  That’s why we’ve created three different methods for sewing a partial placket to help you pick the one that is right for you. Each one has it’s pros and cons, and vary in skill level required and/or how much effort you feel like putting in.  You’ll be sewing perfect plackets in no time!

ONE // How to sew a placket (the standard method)

how to sew the placket on the Banksia Blouse // tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary

This is the stock standard placket insertion method we include in the Banksia blouse pattern instructions. I like this method because it results in completely enclosed raw edges and includes a lot of topstitching details, and you know how much i love topstitching! To learn how to do a standard placket insertion, check out this tutorial.

TWO // How to sew a placket (the easier way)

how to sew the placket on the Banksia Blouse, and easier method // tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary

I really love this method! It’s a little bit easier than the standard placket insertion method as it doesn’t enclose all the raw edges. It’s results in a slightly different look, which is great if you’re looking for something a little bit different! Try this method here.

THREE // How to sew a faux placket (the cheeky method)

how to sew a faux placket Banksia Blouse // tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary

I actually super duper love this method, because it involves not sewing a placket at all! HA! This is fantastic for if you want the look of a placket with none of the effort or functionality. Lets be honest, a lot of us just want the look, and that is perfectly ok! If you want to try this method, check out our post here.

Basting and Placket Prep on the Banksia Blouse // tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary

But no matter what placket insertion method you end up using when you sew your own partial placket, don’t forget to do the prep work! Carefully planning and basting your placket placement on your garment will make your life so much easier when it comes time to sew. To see how we recommend doing this for the Banksia blouse, check out this post.

Happy placket sewing! xoxo

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