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How to choose between Dove & Dove Curve

How to choose between Dove and Dove Curve sewing patterns | Megan Nielsen Blog

If you find yourself in the crossover 14-20 sizes and are struggling to choose between the Dove & Dove Curve patterns, today I will be sharing a visual comparison between them! Our diagrams will compare a size 18 from our 0-20 range shown in the outline to the size 18 in the Curve range as shown in pink.

how to choose between Dove & Dove Curve

The Dove pattern is drafted for a 2″ (5cm) difference between Full Bust and Upper Bust whereas the Dove Curve is based on our Curve block which is drafted for a 4″ (10cm) difference between Full Bust and Upper Bust.

The Curve pattern is drafted with the same style and design details but with a curvy figure in mind. You will notice some other differences which arose from our testing round feedback – such as lower side seams on the Curve version. The dart size in this pattern is not significantly different between the two ranges as most of the dart ease has been rotated to the hemline. If you find yourself in the crossover of the two ranges in sizes 14-20 we recommend that you choose your pattern based on the difference between your Full Bust and Upper Bust and personal ease preferences. If you have a 2″ (5cm) difference between Upper Bust and Full Bust we would recommend Dove. If you are a 4″ (10cm) or more difference and prefer a bit more ease and coverage at the hips, we would recommend Dove Curve.

Both patterns come with the same awesome variations and all our tutorials and add-on ideas can be applied to either!

We are always here to help! Pop a comment below or email us at to ask any questions!


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