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the Knight costume

The Knight Costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Oh Buddy! Loving the age this kid is at right now! Buddy has never been one to get into costumes (boohoo for me), but recently he is totally into dressing up as different characters. I’m really loving it – he’s always turned down my offers to make him things before, so it’s super fun to delve into more boy costumes as so much of my time is spent making girly things for Bunny.

His class had a themed party last term to celebrate getting halfway through Pre-Primary – and the theme was fairytale. Which worked really well since Buddy is currently obsessed with all things Knights and armour and sword fights. Sadly this outfit is missing the sword, as swords were not allowed at school and we were on our way in… poor Bud.

The Knight Costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Anyway, i feel like i got pretty lucky with this costume as when he showed me his favourite kind of knights i realised he already had a helmet and shield, grey pants and long grey tee so i only had to make the tunic. #winningIt’s literally a folded over rectangle, with a hole cut for the neck and a hood attached. I made it in jersey because it was what i had on hand – but has the added benefit of meaning i didn’t have to hem it, and it will fit for years to come. The sides are open, and the belt is a piece of 1″ wide white elastic that i attached to the tunic. Don’t look too closely at the back because it’s totally wonky (which is what happens when you frantically sew the night before a costume is due hahaha). The heraldic lion was made using my Silhouette cutter and white heat transfer material – i bought the image on shutter stock, and altered it in illustrator a lot to make it work properly with my Silhouette. I’m really happy with this part because i feel like that lion totally makes it.

Buddy was really happy with his costume and just throws it over whatever he happens to be wearing when he wants to dress up. Gonna call that a success!

The Knight Costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary
The Knight Costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary
The Knight Costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Off he goes to fight some dragons…

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Kat @ House of Lane
8 years ago

Those photos are adorable! I love making costumes for the kids. They are just so much fun to play around with.