tutorial: felt dress up crowns

Lately Bunny and Buddy are playing a lot of prince and princess games. In the midst of putting together their outfits, Bunny declared she needed a crown. It was a pretty irresistible opportunity!

I knocked these up in a few minutes, and they were good to go!

(scrunchy eye smiles crack me up!) 

Bunny’s is a bit girlier – i decorated it with some adorable buttons my mother in law picked up for me a few years ago – and Buddy’s is slightly tougher – studs were all that one needed.

I’ve loved seeing how much use they’re getting out of them!! Admittedly, Buddy is often kind of “meh” but his (not unexpected, he is a boy after all!), but Bunny is ridiculously in love with wearing them – so i feel like it was a success!

Here’s the how to!

And enjoy :)

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  1. says

    this is adorable, my kids would love it! i totally over-think things and would have made this super complicated. i love her skirt too. :)

    • MegMeg says

      I can totally relate Lisa! I’m trying more and more to go for the simple and quick solution these days, rather than the complicated perfect solution that i never finish hehehe. Meanwhile, her skirt is a little dress up i made for her last year – think i might need to do a tutorial for it soon :) xoxo