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Happy friday, friends! I hope you found this week’s Cascade tutorials helpful. So let’s “wrap up” the week with a finished and styled Cascade skirt, shall we? And yes, that pun was definitely intended. Hehe.

Since Megan showed you a casually styled Cascade outfit earlier this week, I thought I’d show you a bit of a more dressed up version. The fabric I used (which has a matte finish on one side and a shiny underside) pretty much lends itself to be styled a little dressier. But add a little sparkle and shine with the sequins and the shoes, and I’m ready for a lovely late night dinner date with my husband. And with a swept up hairstyle and the right jewelry, I could even picture this being worn to a summer wedding!

But let’s talk about versatility for a second. Do you think about the versatility of a garment before you start a new sewing project? Before you pick out the fabric? It’s just like shopping for clothes – how well will it work in with your wardrobe? How many different ways will you be able to wear it? If you are taking the time (and love and care) to make your own clothing by hand, I doubt you’ll just want it to sit in the back of your closet and never be worn. You’ll want to actually wear it! Obviously, if you are making a gown or something, then that is most likely for a special occasion and is an exception. What I’m talking about is your everyday clothing. Your “everyday” project.

This skirt, for example. Sure, it lends itself to be styled dressier. But I could just as easily pair it with a casual striped tee and ballet flats, or a cropped tank  and sandals, or even a sweater and ankle booties. Before I even started sewing this project, I had dreamed up 5 different outfits. Always a good sign!

So what about you? Do you prefer your handmade items to be “specialty” pieces, that only get worn once in a while? Or do you think about versatility, too? Do you think about how a style and fabric (or pattern) will fit into your current wardrobe before you start sewing? Tell us more!

Skirt: Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt // pattern 

Top : Le Lapin D’or

Necklace: gifted

Shoes: Blowfish Shoes




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Holly writes part time for the Megan Nielsen blog– sewing like crazy, creating tutorials and sewalongs. She has been sewing since she was a little girl, and has her degree in apparel design. Now she’s a stay at home mama, and spends all her free nap times at her sewing machine.

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11 years ago

Super cute styling! I just started forcing myself to think of different outfits before sewing the garment. But most things I have made in my closet are pretty much in high rotation. I think I rarely wear something that has not been at least altered to fit me better.
And I could definitely see that wrap skirt as my new go to piece…

11 years ago

Holly, I’d love to know which fabric you used for this version! It’s is exactly what I’ve been picturing for work-wearable cascade, and I’m not sure which fabric would achieve this! :o)

11 years ago

I love how many possibilities this skit has! Versatility is one of the first things i think about when i try to make myself clothes.

11 years ago

Lovely outfit!!!

I definitely make things that I wish to wear. I always intend to make a few specialty projects, but I can never justify the time it would take to make something little worn.

11 years ago

I love my new cascade! I made it in lightweight linen, whihc means it can be worn both in summer (as today on the beach), and in winter with wool tights under. Easy make, and tons of compliments. Than you so very much for this pattern! I am really looking forward to see what my (hopefully) two Crescents will be like. I am hoping for a casual tunic and a bit more dressed up with curved hems and collar…