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zip front Eucalypt dress

So excited to show you my latest make! I’ve been looking at all my Eucalypt dresses longingly for weeks… but my life is all about baby feeding friendly attire these days, so something had to be done! I have tonnes of button front dresses (i’m pretty sure i have the worlds largest array of Darling Ranges dresses), so wanted to try something a little different. Enter the zipper.

I used my Eucalypt pattern, and a metallic open end zipper and i couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Magically i somehow managed to guess the exact length of zip i’d need. I know. It made my day.

A lot of people have asked me about this fabric. It’s a digitally printed japanese linen – and i bought a tonne of it plus some other fabrics to list in the store – so once i get my butt in gear and list them i’ll let you know :) i’m so slow paced these days. If you’d like to make your own zipper front Eucalypt – i used the seam front version of the pattern and left the zipper exposed. Easy peasy.

In other news, my trusty little Buddy helped me with my photos again today – and i think we’re becoming quite the team hehehe. That kid loves the remote, there are ridiculous number of photos. And possibly too many of us giggling uncontrollably. But they won’t be posted, as they were not flattering by any means hehe.

[Make this Look]
Dress: Megan Nielsen Eucalypt dress with zipper front // Get the pattern here
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Jacket: Country Road
Cute boy: not sold in stores 
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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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Debbie Iles
9 years ago

That is such a lovely dress. I never purchased ‘nursing’ clothes. I always preferred to open my top or pull down *destroy* the neckline…I’ve actually only just stopped wacking invisible zips in the front of all my clothes (even though I still can’t get bub 3 to stop…). Such a simple and effective modification for nursing mums. I love your feature zip look.

Jaime Tanis
Jaime Tanis
9 years ago

That fabric is amazing! I love it :)

toolie oolie
9 years ago

Love it all! Dress, fabric, zipper…nailed it! Maybe one day I’ll get off my butt and try one of your patterns!

xo, toolie.

9 years ago

I can’t believe you have the time to make anything with those three adorable kids, especially something so beautiful! You’re made of energy!

9 years ago

What a great idea, and it looks so fashionable and cool! Buddy is so adorable. :)

9 years ago

I am forever grateful that you are just a few months ahead of me in your pregnancy / baby!! I’m expecting my first in November, and while I prefer to make my own maternity and nursing clothes, I really had no idea where to begin (aside from your lovely maternity patterns, the others out there just really aren’t my style). Thank goodness for all your inspiration!! This week I’m in the middle of making a handful of cropped Briar tops and jersey maxi skirts to get me through these last couple months of work. And I’m definitely pinning this as inspiration for nursing-wear, once the baby arrives. Thank you thank you!! :)

True Bias
9 years ago

it really is so cool. love it. its kinda the best post baby dress ever – especially for breast feeding. glad to see that you are finding time to sew.

9 years ago

Love the addition of your little one in these photos and of course, the dress!

9 years ago

Ooooh, such a lovely dress! And what great inspiration. My baby just turned 8 weeks old, and I’m always looking for cute, nursing-friendly clothing. This is just the thing to get me back to sewing! And it happens that I already have the pattern printed out and taped together from before baby came. :)

9 years ago

My breastfeeding days have passed now, but I love everything about this dress & can see one in my wardrobe this summer – thanks for the details, and the pattern range of course ;)

9 years ago

Megs!! I love this dress. The combination of that fabric with the gold zip is so so good. And you look positively lovely!

Elle Croft
9 years ago

Oh, this is just the cutest dress!
How do you always find the most incredible fabrics??

9 years ago new fashion blog check it out!

emily marie
9 years ago

Aw, you two are adorable- love this shoot!
I have to admit, I haven’t been into the exposed zip thing for years, but *that* zip is gorgeous and even more amazing with that fabric! The added function is great too- so many of our favorite & most wonderful things come from necessity. :)

9 years ago

What a wonderfully different idea – and it makes this look so not like a nursing-appropos dress but something fresh and summery instead! Love it.

Beth @ Turn2theSimple
9 years ago

The zipper is genius! I’ve never been able to feed a baby and then re-button the buttons without a ton of hassle…but a zipper! Now that I think I could handle…will have to try this for the next baby!

Trudy Callan
9 years ago

Love! I was interested in purchasing this and the Briar t-shirt pattern. I prefer to purchase print patterns. Your shop says they are out of print and only the pdf versions are available. Will you be offering them in printed form, and if so when might that be? I am also interested in possibly purchasing the high/low skirt pattern. I haven’t checked yet to see if it is out of print.

Fabric Tragic
9 years ago

So chic, and very 60’s! Nice one.


[…] while you work out would take at least some of the pain out of it. 3// LOVING Megan’s latest version of her own pattern, the Eucalypt Dress. Something about that fabric with that exposed zipper = pure […]

Beth – Sew DIY
9 years ago

I love this! The fabric and the zipper are perfect!