Beginner sewing projects – How to make an elastic waistband skirt

Elastic waistband skirt 1

I get asked a lot what are the best sewing projects for beginners. Generally what I say is that most people tell you to make a pair of boxer shorts or track suit pants or something like that, and though it’s not a bad starting point I think it’s a bit of a silly first project as there are a lot of seams, and you’ll probably never use them, plus pants are hard to fit right. What I generally suggest is some sort of a skirt. I think the best types to start with are a wrap skirt, an elastic waistband skirt or a dirndl skirt.

Unfortunately I realised recently, that I’ve actually only written a tutorial for a dirndl skirt (you can download it here if you’d like it)… oops! So I’m going to try and rectify that over the next few weeks.

I’m starting with an elastic waistband skirt, mainly because I made one this summer and so I have some photos for all of you (so enjoy the sunny backyard and green grass… because you probably won’t be seeing much of that for a long time!!)Elastic waistband skirt 2

This skirt is seriously a perfect beginner project. Plus I think it looks pretty cute (I totally lived in this one all summer! Remember here and here?). So, download the tutorial and get sewing!

Ps. credits go to my SIL AnneliseΒ  who bought this adorable fabric, and my other SIL Sophie who suggested I make a skirt like this after I whined in a store about people selling elastic waistband skirts for over $50… gosh I can rant sometimes!! Anyway, I LOVE my wonderful SIL’s!

Elastic waistband skirt 3

I’ll also post a tutorial on how to make an easy wrap skirt in the next few weeks, but what do you guys think you’d be more interested in, a full circle skirt or something more A-line?

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  1. Laura says

    I just made this skirt out of an old pillowcase with cartoon little girls on it. It came out perfectly thanks to your tutorial. Thank you so much!

    Good luck with the bebe!

  2. says

    I used your tutorial with a yard of fabric that caught my eye, and I love the skirt that I made! It was so quick, it took longer to pin everything than it did to make the skirt. :)

    Thanks so much!

  3. says

    Thanks for this post!! I am suddenly struck with a passion to sew and have been looking for a perfect first project for me. This is it!! I love this skirt – so cute!! Yes, it does like something you would see at a store for $50!!!! Love it :)

    • Dkatty says