Banksia Sewalong

Sewalong Steps

1 | Darts & Seams
2 | Basting & Placket Prep
3 | Collar
4 | Collarless Version
5 | How to sew a placket
6 | How to sew a placket the easier way
7 | How to sew a faux placket
8 | Leaving the placket off
9 | Flat Sleeve Insertion
10 | Sleeveless Version
11 | Long Sleeved Version
12 | Hemming
13 | Dress Version
14 | Jersey Version

Hacks & Variations

Banksia Tester Round Up
How to turn Banksia into a dress
Altering Bust Dart Height
Bust Adjustments (FBA & SBA)
Lengthen the sleeves
Drafting different collars
Alter the pattern for Stretch Fabrics

Loose fit woven blouse with optional placket and collar. The pattern features two sleeve lengths, shaping darts at the bust, a partial button placket and a peter pan collar. 

Version 1 is a woven tee-style blouse with a scoop neckline and short sleeves. Version 2 is a blouse with a button placket and above-elbow sleeves. Version 3 is a blouse with a peter pan collar and button placket.

Skill: 3/5

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