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Sashiko Tee Repair

Repairing a ripped tee with Sashiko | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Last year Buddy went on a school camp and had a rather dramatic bike crash with some of his mates and tore some holes in this tee. Thankfully aside from some pretty nasty scrapes he was ok! Just when I was about to turn the tee into a rag I realised this was a perfect opportunity to try repairing it with Sashiko! Back in 2020 I did a wonderful Sashiko course and fell in love with this form of embroidered clothing repair.

I pulled out some knit fabric scraps from my much too big stash of fabric scraps. Does anyone else have a problem with fabric scrap hoarding?? I used quilt basting spray to keep them in place, and was so happy with how much it helped. I used my Hera marker to mark the slitch lines, and got to work on my stitching. I made sure to keep the stitching vertical so that i could maintain the stretch of the tee. This was such a wonderful project whilst Buddy was at school and by the time he came home his tee was fixed.

Repairing a ripped tee with Sashiko | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

It’s been over a year now and it makes me so happy that this has become his favourite tee! Meanwhile these photos are from our last trip to the school Chicken coop over the weekend. Buddy is such a hard working and caring kid, and it’s always so lovely seeing how much he loves helping his sister with the chickens. He always spends a so much time quietly cleaning up the chicken yard and making sure everything is nice and tidy.

Repairing a ripped tee with Sashiko | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

After discovering this egg he declared we need to thoroughly clean out the nesting area and got cracking. I know people often complain about teenagers – but i just adore this stage. Teenagers are a wonderful blessing and just relish seeing who they are becoming and the interesting conversations we have. Buddy notices everything, and is always the first person to help and lend a hand – he makes me so proud.

Repairing a ripped tee with Sashiko | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

This was such a fun project, and I’m sure won’t be my last as the high level of activity shown by my lovely kids provides me ample opportunities for mending ;)

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14 hours ago

I love the idea of sashiko mending! And thank you for relaying the special story of Buddy’s diligence!