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Making paper from scrap paper

Making paper from our scraps using a Born in Paper kit | Megan Nielsen Blog

With the summer school break coming up here in Perth it’s got me thinking about school holiday activities, and I was reminded of this great activity from our last summer break! Last year we bought a paper making kit from Born In Paper and the kids and I had an absolute blast making our own paper from our scrap paper.

We used our home office shredder to shred all our scrap paper, including any old school work from the year prior that we didn’t need any more. There were a lot of pattern instruction drafts and proofing in there too!

The Born In Paper kit was so great and I would highly recommend it. I bought the A5 size and also the envelope frame. That allowed us to make envelopes and greeting cards – which we have used all year, and in fact have just run out of it! The only other supplies we needed were some microfibre cloths and teatowels, and a large plastic storage tub. All things we had at home anyway.

Making paper from our scraps using a Born in Paper kit | Megan Nielsen Blog

These are a few snaps from our fun day making paper from scraps. This was a pretty messy activity so Birdie and Buddy opted to wear their swimsuits. This was when we still had a glass outdoor table and it turned out to be the perfect worksurface to turn the wet paper onto and let it dry. We also used the stone counter top of our outdoor kitchen and that worked really well too.

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