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Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter Costumes | Megan Nielsen Blog

Six years ago my children’s then Primary School broke the Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as Harry Potter. It was a really big deal in our community at the time and this one Primary School managed to purchase every single Harry Potter costume in Perth, and it become a nightmare trying to find one. Bunny thankfully already had a robe from a Harry Potter birthday party she had attended the year prior. But as you can imagine, having one robe and everything sold out in town was a bit of a problem as I have three kids! The solution: to the sewing machine!

Bunny's Harry Potter Costume | Megan Nielsen Blog

I ended up making two more robes based on the shepherd costume I made when Bunny was a toddler. I made Birdie the same size as I made Buddy as she was only three at the time, and I figured she would likely want to use it more as she grew up.

The neck ties were a very slapdash attempt using felt, elastic and some white cotton for the shirt collar. I figured putting a fake collar on would allow them to all wear a white tee underneath and then I wouldn’t have to go buy everyone white button shirts.

Birdie's Harry Potter Costume | Megan Nielsen Blog

The wands are chopsticks, the glasses are pipe cleaners (and were very wonky haha) and everyone got the lightning scar with my eyeliner. I couldn’t find my iron on transfer paper before the event to add logos to the robes, so we just used sticker paper and unfortunately the Gryffindor logos fell off by the time we took these photos that afternoon. I must admit that wasn’t a great loss, as we’ve found that these gowns being plain has made them really useful for lots of other dressing up since!

Buddy's Harry Potter Costume | Megan Nielsen Blog

I have been dying to post these costumes, but have been waiting until my kids weren’t attending this school anymore as the record made it quite easy to google their school and I’m paranoid ;) I’m so glad to finally be able to share with you our very slapdash and very well loved Harry Potter costumes!

Harry Potter Costumes | Megan Nielsen Blog
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