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Buddy’s Mini Opal shorts

Buddy's Mini Opal Shorts | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking, hey Meg, is that a pattern on your website? And the answer is… not yet… this is a test version! I have found the Opal pattern to be so incredibly useful in my wardrobe and kept wishing I had a kids pattern that was similar. I’ve actually made Buddy something like 5 pairs of Mini Opal shorts as I’ve been testing and adjusting the pattern, but this one is the only one I actually got photos of. Trying to get photos of a 12 year old boy is like trying to catch a comet!

Buddy's Mini Opal Shorts | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

So the first thing you will probably notice about this make is that the mushroom linen is back! Mushroom linen forever, can’t stop, won’t stop! I still have some of this fabric left, so you’re probably going to see more of it. I am not sure what stage of adulthood involves an obsession with brown, but apparently i’m deep in it.

Buddy's Mini Opal Shorts | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Whenever I work on a kids version of my adult patterns I try to make thoughtful adjustments so that the design makes sense for kids. For the Mini Opal pattern I’m trying to make sure it’s unisex – there really aren’t enough patterns for boys out there, but there also isn’t as much of a market for them, so i’m hoping this pattern can work for everyone. I definitely plan on the final pattern including the same elements as Opal, but I’m going to mix and match the details to be more appealing for kids. It’s a process, but my favourite thing is sewing for my kids so i’m having a great time.

Buddy's Mini Opal Shorts | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Unfortunately I don’t have any promises with when this will be available – i’m just taking it slow and enjoying sewing for my kids :)

These shorts are already too small for Buddy and have been passed on to some lovely friends to use instead. I remember writing a post a few years ago about Buddy being in a constant growth spurt, and my goodness that has held true. I made these shorts in April 2022 (when these photos were taken) and since then Buddy has grown 10cm. He’s almost as tall as me now.

Buddy's Mini Opal Shorts | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

The struggle is that it’s making it really hard to sew for him! I love sewing for Buddy, but the past year has been a frustrating experience of sewing him really fun things that he has worn for a month before he grew out of it. From now on I think i’ll be making everything oversized so we can get more use out of it! This is probably the last pair of Mini Opals he’ll wear as he is now in the adult size range and I’ve been making him shorts using the Opal pattern. I think it might be time to make Birdie some Mini Opals for the next stage of testing!

Anyway, let me know what you think – would you find this pattern useful for your kids?

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