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Floreat dress 3 ways?

3 ways I wear my Floreat dress | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

I made this Floreat dress a few years ago and shared with all of you the long convoluted story of how it was almost a massive disaster. I foresaw myself wearing this dress out on dates and special occasions, but after a while I realised that if I love it so much I should just wear it all the time! So i started doing that, and have been loving wearing this dress casually. The idea behind this post was that I wanted to share with you the different ways i wear this dress, but honestly after looking at the photos I don’t feel like any of the ways I wear it are actually different enough to be called different. haha. Perhaps the lesson here is to wear your fancy dresses whenever you feel like it, because no-one except you will notice!

Floreat dress with sneakers for the school run | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Floreat with sneakers and belt for the school run

Since I convinced myself to wear my silky Floreat dress whenever i darn well pleased, I’ve found myself wearing it on the school run most often. My pink sneakers are my favourite practical but cute shoe, and I usually like to wear the belt when I’m wearing flats to balance out the proportions a bit. This is the most common way I wear this dress.

Floreat dress paired with Jarrah sweater | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Floreat paired with a Jarrah sweater for cold days

I’m really blessed to live in a very mild climate here in Perth, which means that you can wear almost anything in winter if you throw a jumper/sweater over the top of it. I really love wearing my cream tie front Jarrah sweater with this Floreat dress during the colder months. Shockingly after years of wearing this sweater and being a very clumsy person, it is still pretty stain free. I shouldn’t have said that because now i’ll probably spill a coffee down the front.

Floreat for going out! Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Loose Floreat with clogs for going out

And lastly the least common way I wear this dress is the way I originally intended to! Ah the irony. I usually wear this silky Floreat loose and with high heeled clogs when I need to dress up a bit – or if I’m honest, just to church haha.

Overall I still love this dress so much, but still massively regret that I couldn’t fit pockets into the small amount of fabric i had available. So that’s it my friends, an almost useless post about how much joy i’m getting wearing my handmade wardrobe in ways that look about the same and yet feel completely different haha.

Floreat dress paired with Jarrah sweater | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog
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Barbara Beyun
Barbara Beyun
11 months ago

If it helps any, I think these looks seem vastly different! All are wonderful.