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How to choose between Brumby & Brumby Curve

How to choose between Brumby & Brumby Curve

If you find yourself in the crossover 14-20 sizes and are struggling to choose between the Brumby & Brumby Curve patterns, today I will be sharing a visual comparison between them! Our diagrams will compare a size 18 from our 0-20 range shown in the outline to the size 18 in the Curve range as shown in blue.

Brumby & Brumby Curve drafting comparison

As with all of our patterns, the Brumby Curve pattern is drafted with the same style and design details but with a curvy figure in mind. Due to the particular draft of this design, for this pattern, there are very minimal differences and you will find the fit to be almost the same across both patterns in the crossover sizes. The main difference exists in the curved waistband, which is slightly more curved for the Curve pattern than the 0-20 range. We have kept the skirt and pocket pattern pieces consistent across both ranges. The gathered skirt and deep pockets make Brumby a wonderful pattern for all body shapes and sizes, and the amount of gathering, depth of pockets and overall length and ease remain the same across both size ranges.

If you have any questions on fit or sizing we are always here to help! Pop a comment below or email us at to ask any questions!



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