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Saltwater sandal shoe repair

DIY Saltwater sandal shoe repair - Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Shoe making has been a really enjoyable hobby of mine for quite some time now, but I hadn’t yet applied those skills to repairing anything yet. This is the first time I’ve attempted to repair any shoes and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out. My kids absolutely love their Saltwater sandals – they’re super comfy, practical and seem to last almost forever. These sandals of Birdie’s were a little worse for wear and the saddle stitching and glue had both failed in a number of places. I made a little video for all of you on my Youtube channel about how I tackled this Saltwater sandal shoe repair and I really hope you enjoy it!

The issues with these shoes were that the saddle stitching had broken in quite a few places, and the glue that attaches the insole to the outersole had failed in those places as well. In addition the channel that protects the saddle stitches from making contact with the ground were worn back.

DIY Saltwater sandal shoe repair - Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

To fix all of these the first thing I did was to remove all the existing saddle stitching. I used some lino cutting tools to recreate the thread channel on the outer sole in the areas it had worn away. I then re-glued the insole and outer sole together. After the glue had dried I redid all the saddle stitching, which was really fun – i had never done saddle stitching before!

DIY Saltwater sandal shoe repair - Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

I really enjoyed this Saltwater sandal shoe repair and I’m really feeling much more confident about taking on more of these kind of repairs in the future. One of the pairs that i’ve got in my sights are my own Saltwater sandals, which i have worn so much that the leather has actually started degrading, so my plan is to completely replace the straps. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

DIY Saltwater sandal shoe repair - Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

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Sue Loy
Sue Loy
18 days ago

Hello! Longtime on your e-mail distribution but this was my first video watch, congrats on your sandal repair success! Oh my I loved the nature sounds in the background and your wonderful voice narrating. I’m not an ASMR follower but this calming vid might qualify :). Thank you for posting your work.

16 days ago

Thanks for this tutorial, it’s the only one I’ve found on how to mend Saltwaters! Can you provide some links to the needles and thread used please? Also do have a closer up tutorial on how to do saddle stitch please? Much appreciated.