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How to Choose Between Kelly & Kelly Curve

If you find yourself in the crossover 14-20 sizes and are struggling to choose between the KellyKelly Curve patterns, today I will be sharing a visual comparison between them! Our diagrams will compare key pattern pieces from a size 20 from our 0-20 range shown in outline, to the size 20 in the Curve range as shown in pink.

As with all of our patterns, the Kelly Curve pattern is drafted with the same style and design details but with a curvy figure in mind. Kelly has been intentionally drafted using simple geometric shapes with beginner makers in mind and we really enjoyed working with our Kelly Curve testers to ensure we could maintain beginner accessibility and still achieve a comfortable fit. Kelly Curve pattern pieces have been kept as simple geometric shapes, and keeping as much as possible consistent with Kelly.

The main differences between Kelly and Kelly Curve occur in the waistband. The fitted waistband of Kelly Curve includes slightly more ease than the 0-20 pattern and Kelly Curve also includes an elastic back waistband option. The elastic back waistband has been used in View B & D however may be used with any view and provides a flexible and very comfortable waistband option.

The second difference between the two patterns is the length of the View A & B variations. Our Curve makers tend to have higher natural waistlines, so extra length has been added to ensure the short skirt length remains inline with the design and at a comfortable position for our makers.

The last difference you’ll notice between Kelly and Kelly Curve is the amount of skirt ease and positioning of the pleats. The back pleats for Kelly Curve sit closer to the centre back to maintain visual proportion and design consistency. The front of Kelly Curve skirt includes more ease and the pleats have a larger intake to allow for a fuller abdomen.

If you find yourself in the crossover of the two ranges in sizes 14-20 we recommend that you choose your pattern based on your preferred waistband fit. Both patterns have the same gorgeous style and beginner-friendly construction, and all of our fantastic tutorials and add on ideas can be applied to either pattern!

I hope you have found this breakdown on how to choose between Kelly and Kelly Curve helpful. If you have any questions or need any further help please let me know in the comments!


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Kelly & Kelly Curve

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