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Bunny’s tie front Mini Jarrah sweater

We have had the hottest summer on record here in Perth, which is a problem because Perth is already scorchingly hot. I don’t think we have ever collectively as a city longed for winter! We finally have some cool weather and ran this week which has made me take stock of the kids cold weather clothing to make sure my sewing list is properly prepped. Bunny’s tie front Mini Jarrah sweater has been her absolute favourite for the last two years and I know she is hoping to get another seasons wear out of it!

Bunny's tie front Mini Jarrah sweater | Megan Nielsen Blog

As you can probably see, the sleeves were already looking a bit short last year when these photos were taken so I must admit I’m not sure she will be successful in wearing this one again. Bunny is 13 and almost as tall as me now. She is well and truly into adult pattern sizes now, but there are a few mini patterns she is just hanging on to for dear life because she loves them. This age is so full of transition, and I can see her so often conflicted between childhood things and teen things. Clothing is no exception.

Mini Jarrah Sweater in Nosh Organics fabric | Megan Nielsen blog

Birdie actually has a matching Mini Jarrah to this one that Naomi sewed up for the Mini Jarrah product photos and I had hoped to snap a photo of both girls in matching sweaters, but I’m not sure that will happen. Kids sure grow up fast! Faster than I can blog that’s for sure ;)

Mini Jarrah sweater and Hudson pants sewing patterns | Megan Nielsen Blog

The fabric for this sweater is from Nosh Organics which was one of my favourite knit fabric suppliers. Sadly they no longer sell their fabric and now focus on ready to wear clothing. Though I understand the decision, their fabrics are stunning and many of Bunny’s favourite garments were from Nosh like this tee and this dress.

Mini Jarrah sweater and Hudson pants sewing patterns | Megan Nielsen Blog

The track pants she is wearing here are the Hudson pants by True Bias. They are the first adult pattern I have made for her, and at her request I made them to look exactly like her favourite Mini Hudson trackies that she has outgrown. Sadly she doesn’t like the fit of the Hudson’s quite as much as the Mini’s – the rise is much lower and she doesn’t really like low rise anything. I think next time I make them I will need to increase the rise for her.

Megan Nielsen Mini Jarrah sweater in Nosh Organics fabric paired with True Bias Hudson pants

It’s strange to think that this is probably the last Mini make that I share for Bunny. I’ve shared so many of the things i’ve made her over the years and it’s somehow strange, sad and also exciting to think what I sew for her will be changing somewhat. I’m just so grateful that she is such a sweet and thoughtful teen who gets just as excited about the things I make for her as I get about making them for her. Here is to a new chapter :)

Mini Jarrah sweater and Hudson pants sewing patterns | Megan Nielsen Blog
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