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How to Choose Between Wattle & Wattle Curve

How to choose between Wattle & Wattle Curve

If you find yourself in the crossover 14-20 sizes and are struggling to choose between the Wattle and Wattle Curve patterns, today I will be sharing a visual comparison between them! Our diagrams will compare key pattern pieces from a size 20 from our 0-20 range shown in outline, to the size 20 in the Curve range as shown in beige.

Wattle and Wattle Curve Drafting Comparison diagram

As with all of our patterns, the Wattle Curve pattern is drafted with the same style and design details but with a curvy figure in mind. Due to the particular draft of this design, for this pattern, there are very minimal differences and you will find the fit to be the same across both patterns in the crossover sizes.

The Curve pattern includes a proportionately wider waistband however the amount of overall waist ease is consistent with the standard pattern and preferences of our testers.

Unusually you will also notice that the gathered skirt includes less ease in the Curve pattern than the 0-20 pattern. Though that might seem strange the reason behind this is related to a desire to provide you with efficient fabric usage. The View C gathered skirt includes a large gather ratio, and we found in the Curve pattern that meant the pattern piece didn’t comfortably fit on the fabric. Given the gather ratio was quite generous we decided it was best to reduce the gather ratio in the View C skirt to allow all makers a more efficient use of fabric. The amount of fullness in the View C skirt is comparable to the View B pleated skirt in the Curve pattern.

If you find yourself in the crossover of the two ranges in sizes 14-20 we recommend that you choose your pattern based on your preferred waistband width and gather ratio for the View C skirt. Please note that if you would prefer a larger gather ratio you can always add on to the centre front pattern piece to increase the ratio.

When it comes to fit you’ll find the same fit across both patterns, and both patterns come with the same awesome variations and all our tutorials and add on ideas can be applied to either!

I hope you have found this breakdown on how to choose between WattleWattle Curve helpful. If you have any questions or need any further help please let me know in the comments!


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