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Christmas Pajamas 2021!

I love making my kids matching Christmas Pajamas each year, it’s our special tradition and I love that they still like matching each other. This years set are possibly my favourite so far, but as you probably know by now, they come off the back of last years failure. And maybe that’s why I like them so much. They were a bit of a second chance.

Christmas Pajamas 2021 kids unwrapping presents | Megan Nielsen Blog

It was so cathartic to sew up these Christmas Pajamas. I think being able to tackle the same project but with a fresh perspective, understanding it was for fun and not *everything* was really restorative to me. I had left the cut out pieces of pajamas in a basket next to my sewing machine all year and finally pulling them out to work on them felt so incredibly good. Unbelievably the girls sizes were still spot on which meant i could just sew up what i had cut. Which i suppose means I had cut them too big last year – so maybe that failure was actually a blessing in disguise ;). Buddy had a massive growth spurt so i had to cut him a new set of boxers and tee, which meant i unfortunately didn’t end up with extra yardage after all. But that’s ok! They’re done and we love them!

Christmas Pajamas 2021 - May Gibbs Gumnut babies fabric by Nerida Hansen and Ellie Whittaker | Megan Nielsen Blog

I love this Gumnut Babies fabric so much! It’s a collaboration between Nerida Hansen, Ellie Whittaker and the May Gibbs estate and as soon as I saw it i fell in love with it. You can get me with nostalgic Australiana every time hehe.

I definitely pushed Buddy’s limits a bit far with this fabric design. His exact words were “that’s a lot of babies mum” hehehe. We very carefully chose his patch pocket to include animals only and no babies ;) This might be the last year i go super cutesy, and i think i might need to be a bit more neutral with next years design. He is such a good sport I definitely owe it to him. Maybe stripes or checks or maybe just a flat colour for once? Any ideas let me know!

When it comes to patterns I used my usual go to patterns, and I think they worked really well. For Buddy’s tee I used Mini Briar, with the hem straightened out at the hip. The patch pocket is much larger than Mini Briar’s included pocket because Bud wanted to included the full kangaroo with koala’s on it’s back scene. So we did that! His boxer shorts are actually a kids shorts pattern that I am somehow always working on and hope to some day finish!

Christmas Pajamas 2021 - May Gibbs Gumnut babies fabric by Nerida Hansen and Ellie Whittaker | Megan Nielsen Blog

For the girls nighties I used Mini Eucalypt which i sliced halfway up the side seam in straight line, and then added a gathered rectangle for the skirt that was 1.5x the width of the waist. I think they turned out pretty cute and i’m really happy with them! If you’d like a full tutorial for creating something similar we’ve got a great tutorial here.

Christmas Pajamas 2021 | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog
Christmas Pajamas 2021 | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

As per usual my kids were pretty thoughtful about how the fabric design was laid out, and a lot of thought went into what specific animal was featured where. For the skirts it didn’t matter since it was encapsulating the whole repeated design, and for the boxer shorts as i had run out of fabric i didn’t have much choice except to cut them the way they are cut.

Christmas Pajamas 2021 | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

All in all i’m so happy with how these pajamas turned out, and it feels so good to have them finished and the kids enjoying them! This fabric is so incredibly gorgeous i’m still trying to figure out what to do with the small amount of leftovers. Any ideas?

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