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The perfect white tee

Anita's white tee

There are two items of clothing I wear more than anything else in my wardrobe. Denim jeans and white t-shirts. One of these items is the thing I am on a perpetual search for…the never-ending, exhausting, soul-destroying search for the perfect white tee. It seems so easy…I mean they are EVERYWHERE…but finding the right one for me has always been a struggle!

The issue is that I have a few ‘must-have’ elements to said white-tee, indulge me while I explain just how hard it is to find something so simple…

Fabric | Must be cotton, lightweight but not transparent yet heavy enough that pesky bra lines across my back are not too visible.

Colour | Bright white shouldn’t be too hard to find right? But we all know, there is “white” (the kind that is white when you put it next to cream) and there is “WHITE” (the kind that looks fresh wash after wash and the inside of the neckline doesn’t discolour even with multiple wears). I’m looking for the latter.

Fit | I am the first to admit, that I am a baggy clothes wearer. I like my clothing to feel a little loose, a little roomy. If I ever have a sales assistant tell me something needs to be tight when I buy it because then it loosens up over time…I run in the other direction. But, finding the happy medium between ‘loose-fitting, comfortable and flattering and ‘5 sizes too big, looks like your pyjamas‘ is tough!

Neckband/neckline | I am a round-neck, thick-neckband girl. I’m not particularly fond of v-necks on me and every white t-shirt I’ve loved has been a fairly high round neck with a thick neckband.

Enter. The Floreat Dress and Top pattern!

Anita's Floreat Tee

There is something magical about a pattern that feels as though it might solve a wardrobe gripe you’ve had for a while. It’s a wonderful feeling of being able to control what you put on every day, and hopefully…feel fabulous and confident while wearing the final make. We had a Floreat t-shirt sample in-store that looked exactly like my dream white t-shirt…but it was pink. It inspired me! Using the super-soft Firm White Jersey (the good kind of white) I chose View B & shortened the length a little to land somewhere between the full length of View B & the cropped length of View C.

The neckline is a great height for me, and the thickness of the neckband was exactly what I had in my mind. It’s comfortable, and easy to move in and the asymmetrical nature of the top means there are no bra lines to speak of. It could just be the answer to all my white t-shirt wishes!

Anita's Floreat White Tee

I have plans to make a straight hem, sleeveless Floreat next as we head into what is turning out to be a sweltering summer. Did I mention that my search for the perfect sleeveless white tee is also high on my list?

Let me know if you have a pattern that has solved a wardrobe problem for you! I love hearing about the patterns you can’t live without!

Happy sewing!

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Anita is the Operations Manager here at Megan Nielsen Patterns, and happily works on multiple areas of the business in any one day! Anita is the first port of call for any of your customer service enquiries, manages daily operations and oversees all pattern production, graphic design, website maintenance, inventory management & drinking all the coffee/eating all the cookies in the cupboard.

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2 years ago

I’ve been wanting to make a Floreat. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect tee pattern. I similarly love a high round neck with thick band. Will give this a go!! I also don’t know why the perfect fabric is also equally elusive haha!

2 years ago

I will check out the pattern but I would really like to know how to find a white knit that will stay white.

Christine Maney Eick
Christine Maney Eick
2 years ago

I also love a thick round neckband.

2 years ago

Oh finding the best knit is so amazing!

2 years ago

Looking really amazing. This is the perfect white tee. I love to wear white tee in summer.