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Modern Quilting & Hovea Makes with Porfiria Gomez

Porfiria Hovea Guest Maker

Sometimes you come across a pattern that shows you how to express yourself in an artistic way. And I think I found that in the Hovea Jacket. Hola! My name is Porfiria Gomez. I am a creative and modern quilter and some of you may know me from Martha Stewart’s quilters to follow. Sorry just had to plug that in lol. When I was given the opportunity to create a quilt coat using the Hovea pattern I jumped for joy. I can’t help but share my excitement around this jacket, I made two and I feel like each is true to my nature.  Porfiria Hovea Guest Maker

Most people don’t know until they meet me face to face that I’m 6’3″. Finding pieces long enough or wide enough was always a struggle. Especially when it comes to coats, jackets and blazers. So at one point during my quilting/ sewing journey I tried my hand at creating my own fashions.

Porfiria Hovea Guest Maker Creating modern fashions for me always crosses my mind and I’ve tried all types of fashion trends but there is nothing like one of a kind, personalised pieces of clothing.

Porfiria Hovea Guest MakerPorfiria Hovea Guest MakerThis pattern was super simple. Usually, I take patterns and go a little rogue. But this pattern is to the point and super clear and easy to understand. This pattern works with pockets, no pockets, short, long there are endless variations that you can create. My best friend is a fashionista so she’s always sharing Vogue must wear trends and quilt coats are definitely in.

But despite my creative fashion inspiration, there is nothing better to me than making a fashion statement with simplistic timeless classics like this jacket. When I began working on the pattern my first objective was to find fabrics that were versatile. And for me, linen was the first choice in my plan.

Porfiria Hovea Guest MakerOn a recent trip, I came across this Ruby Star Society bundle. It is a mix of cottons and linens. It has inspired me to create a patchwork version of the coat. Although I could not stop there I also came across a tribal fabric with arrows. Again mixed with a pink linen.

Porfiria Hovea Guest MakerSo I decided to sew two jackets! The first jacket is long and the second is short.

Porfiria Hovea Guest MakerPersonally, I did not prefer the pockets but again let me stress how much versatility there is in the pattern. The pattern gives you the option of creating a style unique to your personality.

Porfiria Hovea Guest Maker Hands down I truly enjoyed creating this jacket. Please head over to my Instagram page at @MrsPorfiria as I share more about my version of the Hovea Jacket or visit my website!

Porfiria Hovea Guest Maker


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About Author

Porfiria is a sewing enthusiast, a dreamer and lover of family life. She also has a passion to create beautiful things. These days you will find her on her sewing machine getting lost in old school romance while she creates either a quilt, cooking or a beautiful piece of lingerie. Today, I continue to train and learn as much as I can about the beautiful world of sewing, cooking, blogging and living my best life as a maker!

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2 years ago

Just beautiful…you and the jackets.

2 years ago

I love the jackets! I was wondering which views you used for them?

2 years ago
Reply to  Racquel

Hi Racquel, aren’t they beautiful! Porfiria used View B for her Pink & arrow print jacket and then made a View D for her colourful patchwork jacket, but lengthened it to be ankle length rather than mid-thigh length! :)