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Matilda Maker Roundup

Matilda - Maker Round Up

It’s only been a short while since we re-released the Matilda with the new View B variation and the Matilda Curve range, but we’ve been blown away by the overwhelming response and makes by the community! We really couldn’t have done all this without your feedback and support!

Over the seasons we’ve seen some cute Matildas in pretty pastels, bright and dressy floral print makes, and gorgeous dresses in deep, rich colours… And gingham! if you didn’t notice already… we loved making the Matilda dress in gingham!

Today we want to share with you a few Matilda makes we love, and we hope these beautiful makes inspire you as well ;)

Don’t forget to check out more looks in the tag #MNmatilda!

Genevieve Matilda View A

WHO // Genevieve from @sew_genevieve

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

There’s something so special about Genevieve’s gorgeous contrast placket and waistband. What a beautiful point of difference!

Loni Matilda View A Hacked

WHO // Loni from @havinsewmuchfun

WHAT SHE MADE // View A hacked skirt

One of our favourite Matilda hacks is pulling out the skirt pieces and making slight adjustments to create a gorgeous a-line skirt! Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for a little tutorial on how to make this a reality in the coming days!

Crystal Matilda View B

WHO // Crystal from @crystalclovis

WHAT SHE MADE // View B Matilda

We were so thrilled to see Crystal has already used the Matilda update to sew the brand new View B with sleeves! Loving the colour and dense button placement of this make!

Roz Matilda View A hack

WHO // Roz from @lastsewnsurvivor

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda Hacked

Roz’s floral Matilda hack is incredible – with a few simple changes this looks like a completely different pattern! The bishop sleeve hack, tiered skirt and fabric choice is all just so divine. Be sure to check out her other gorgeous hack below!

Adrienne Matilda View A

WHO // Adrienne from @adymadie

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

The Matilda pattern is a truly GREAT pattern to test out you pattern matching skills! Or even better, pick a fabric like Adrienne, where you can alternate the direction of the stripes to really highlight elements on the dress. We absolutely love the red popping through from the collar too. Gorgeous!

Allison Matilda View A hack

WHO // Allison from @_allison_sewing_

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda Hacked

Our minds were blown when we saw this hack from Allison that completely changes the neckline and turns it into a sweet sundress! The creatively of the sewing community is boundless!

Patsy Matilda View A

WHO // Patsy from @patsypoomakes

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

Patsy’s soft rose Matilda dress is blooming brighter than the flowers behind her, absolutely picture perfect for a spring day out! And the great thing about the Matilda is you can dress casual with a pair of cute sneakers too!

Janice Matilda View A

WHO // Janice from @janice.makes

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

We’re loving this dark hued Matilda dress, complete with a leather belt. It’s such a chic, dress and shows how you could easily make this dress a summery or wintery item in your me-made wardrobe!

Libby Matilda View A Hack

WHO // Libby from @liblib

WHAT SHE MADE // View A hack

One of our favourite inspiration ideas in our Matilda Inspiration Blog Post was to create a more minimal Matilda. This dress by Libby is just the perfect example! By removing the breast pockets and adding a simple waist tie, she’s created such a beautiful silhouette. We just love it!

Theresa Matilda View A
Theresa Matilda View A
Theresa Matilda View A
Theresa Matilda View A

WHO // Theresa from @lostmythread

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda without breast pockets

Theresa’s Matilda is made from an origami bird fabric with the most stunning Arrow Mountain buttons! We love little special elements like these buttons! It is those little details that make the whole garment that little bit more special.

Roz Matilda View A Hack

WHO // Roz from @lastsewnsurvivor

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda Hacked

We could probably have a whole email dedicated to Roz’s Matilda makes! Check out this incredible hack she’s made. We don’t have any words for how excited we were to see this dress! The sleeves, the skirt, the buttons, the piping! It shows just how versatile the pattern is!

Marlène Matilda View A
Marlène Matilda View A

WHO // Marlène from @sleepykins

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

As you all know we are a big fan of gingham for the Matilda dress…checks work just as well! Anything that you can use the pattern direction to highlight the pockets, placket or waist band will look incredible! Just check out Marlène’s gorgeous make for proof!

Katie Matilda View A

WHO // Katie from @katiesewedit

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

This pink chambray Matilda by Katie is just such a beautiful summer dress! Loving the jeans buttons she’s used as well, adds such a great touch!

Suzan Matilda View A
Suzan Matilda View A
Suzan Matilda View A

WHO // Suzan from @fabriclady3

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

We are loving this drapey tencel make, with silver buttons for an added utility style touch! And a Matilda matched with a pair of knee-high boots really gives off a rocker look!

Malina Matilda View A Hack
Malina Matilda View A Hack

WHO // Malina from @malina_leslie

WHAT SHE MADE // View A hack

Can you believe Malina made this dress from her fabric scraps?! What an amazing idea to use up your fabric scraps that you just don’t want to get rid of and turn them into a special Matilda dress!

Caroline Matilda View A

WHO // Caroline from @callyonsewing

WHAT SHE MADE // View A Matilda

There is something so lovely about a yellow dress, and a yellow Matilda dress is just that little bit more special we think! Matilda is so well suited to a crisp fabric like this that really allows all the tailoring to shine!


Here’s the full list of Matilda posts and tutorials:

We’d love to see what you make, so don’t forget to tag your creations with #MNmatilda and @megannielsenpatterns to share what you’ve been working on, and check out what everyone else is up to!

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