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The Humble Rowan Turtleneck

Humble Rowan Turtleneck | Megan Nielsen Blog

This humble Rowan turtleneck is a hard worker. I actually made this bodysuit 5 years ago when I was working on developing the Rowan sewing pattern (yikes has it really been five years?!). I’ve worn it constantly since then, and yet have never written a blog post about it. Isn’t it funny how we class some makes as worthy of sharing and others as a bit boring or unimportant? The silly thing is that I practically live in this bodysuit through the cold months, which should really make it a high achiever worthy of an award instead of a make I forgot to blog about!Navy Rowan Turtleneck | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

This is where I make a confession. That even after five years I still haven’t hemmed the sleeves. I wish I had a good excuse but I don’t – I seem to have a habit (see here and here) of not finishing the sleeves on my knit makes and I can’t really explain it. The problem is since nothing bad has happened in the five years I’ve been wearing this bodysuit with raw sleeve hems, which sadly makes me feel justified in my laziness. Oh dear ;)

But I digress. The point of this post is simple – your humble, workhorse, wardrobe staple, constant rotation basic garments are still worthy makes!

This humble turtleneck keeps me so warm all winter, and it’s a million times more useful than a dramatic ball dress (don’t worry I will finish that Nora dress pattern at some point I promise!). You don’t need to be making something new, complicated, trendy or exciting all the time. It’s ok to make basics that you need in your wardrobe. And actually I think that’s where the real magic of sewing is. In the every day little things that you can make and enjoy and improve your quality of life.

In fact, I think they are probably the most important makes ;)

Humble Navy Rowan Turtleneck | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

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