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Birdie’s Peachy Keen Mini Cottesloe Bikini

Birdie's Mini Cottesloe Swimsuit made from Ellie Whittaker Peachy Keen swim lycra

It’s no secret we are huge fans of Ellie Whittaker fabric designs in the Nielsen household, and the second I saw this “Peachy Keen” print I knew it was a perfect match for Birdie. I did what any sensible maker would do, and quickly stashed some ready for her next Mini Cottesloe swimsuit. When summer came along I showed Birdie my stash of different swim fabrics and I couldn’t have been more pleased when she gasped with delight at the sight of this fabric. It was love at first sight!

Birdie's Mini Cottesloe Swimsuit made from Ellie Whittaker Peachy Keen swim lycra

The one downside of making my kids so much clothing is that they have started thinking that being incredibly fussy about pattern placement is a normal part of life. I think the amount of time Birdie spent deciding which parts of the print should be on which parts of her swimsuit was longer than the amount of time it took me to actually sew the suit up! As hilarious as that is though, I’m not complaining because as you know I feel the exact same way about pattern placement. It can make or break a project if you get the pattern placement wrong. I’ve got some makes with hilariously awkward pattern placement to prove. But that’s a blog post for another day ;)

Overall I am really pleased with the pattern placement she chose, and it was so enjoyable to see which parts of the print were most important to her.

Birdie's Mini Cottesloe Swimsuit made from Ellie Whittaker Peachy Keen swim lycra

When it came to the waistband we decided on a contrast fabric to break up the print. I used a scrap of Sunkissed Recycled Swim Lycra from my studio, which if you live in Australia you can purchase from my online store. I also used Beige Swim Lining as though I love the Ellie Whittaker swim Lycras, they can be a bit see-through and I like my kid’s swimmers to be completely opaque.

This little bikini has gotten so much use over Aussie summer and was a lifesaver so many times when Birdie inevitably needed a bathroom break mid swim lesson.

I do have two disappointments with this suit. The first is that I fully intended to make her a matching rashie (like these) but I never quite got there and she had a perfectly good one from the year before. That feels like a bit of a fail, but it was also a completely self-imposed goal so I think I need to get over it. The second is that she has just had a massive growth spurt and I am not sure these will fit in the coming summer as they have already become a bit too tight. All three of my kids have just had massive growth spurts and I’m not sure what is in the water this year!

The good news is that kids’ swimsuits are tiny and I can probably just make her (almost) the exact same suit again! So maybe the rashie fail was actually a win after all because now I have the extra fabric. Really hope you enjoyed reading about Birdie’s Peachy Keen Mini Cottesloe bikini! If you have any questions about sewing kids’ swimsuits please let me know in the comments!

Birdie's Mini Cottesloe Swimsuit made from Ellie Whittaker Peachy Keen swim lycra
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