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Mental Health Resources from The Skill Collective

Mental Health Resources from The Skill Collective

I really hope you are enjoying our month focusing on mindfulness and connectedness over on Instagram! If you’d like to catch up on the posts you can always look at the hashtag #craftingamomentofmindfulness . One of the things that I really love about The Skill Collective are the huge number of free mental health resources available on their website. There are resources for so many things from dealing with perfectionism, to reducing stress – and even a super quick mental health check in to see how you are going.  If you’re interested in checking them out head on over to the Skill Collective and sign up for their newsletter!

Another wonderful resource that I highly recommend is their online course for students which aims to help students prepare for and succeed at their exams. If you are studying or having kids who are studying check out Nimble Noodle here.

Personally my favourite thing is their Instagram account which serves up daily bite size mental health tips.

Looking forward to sharing my mental health resources and tips with you this month!

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