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Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts AKA Covering Stains With Embroidery

Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

Every now and then tragedy strikes and one of our samples is damaged. We had a photoshoot a few years ago at a cafe, and after the shoot we noticed some odd bleached sections of on the back of our Dawn shorts sample. I almost cried. I love this sample and knew this fabric wasn’t available anymore. I washed them in the hopes it was just something white on the surface, but to no avail. Our currently running theory is that when our model was perched on the edge of tables that there might have been leftover cleaning liquid? Who knows. But finally I figured out a solution! I love my embroidered back pocket Dawn jeans, so I thought why not add some embroidery below the pocket to cover the stain! Today is the story of my Geraldton Wax embroidered Dawn shorts and covering stains with embroidery!

The damage - Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

No post about fixing a stain/bleach mark would be complete without a photo of the damage! These are the two spots of damage we had on our sample, which though they look small here, stick out like a sore thumb in person.

Side note: Please excuse all colour differences in these images. I usually take all photos with my DSLR but I had left it at work, so all my progress photos are taken on my phone *cry*.

Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn ShortsCovering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

My favourite flowers are Geraldton Wax which are a native to Western Australia. We have a lovely big bush in our garden which a few years ago I used flowers from to make this lovely flower crown.

I drew some rough sketches of Geraldton Wax sprigs and then sketched them out on my shorts in pencil. There are a lot of ways to mark your embroidery designs on your fabric, but i must admit that the humble pencil is actually my favourite!

Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

Geraldton Wax are most commonly purple or white, and sometimes pink, but as the shorts are sewn with pink topstitch I took some creative license and made them a bit more pink and cream toned to coordinate with the existing topstitching.

This project came at just the right time for me. I had been feeling really stressed and needed a way to decompress and relax, and this embroidery was the cure! I spent a whole weekend sitting on our patio embroidering with a cup of tea and was constantly surprised to look up and see how much time had passed.

Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

I loved how these turned out so much that when we had our last photoshoot I took the opportunity to reshoot our Dawn jeans imagery so I could include them on our website.

Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

The thing I found so pleasing about mending these jeans with embroidery is that it actually improved the garment. I think the embroidered shorts look better than the original shorts and it almost seems like it was meant to be.

I think that’s what I love so much about mending with embroidery – the fact that you’re taking something that is “ruined” or “damaged” and improving it. Putting time into it to make it better than before.

So often we consider our clothing ruined when it has a stain or a rip, but I believe so strongly in caring for our garments so that they last many years. Mending is a crucial part of the life cycle of a garment, and I love taking the opportunity to improve the garment and make it a bit more special.

Now these Dawn jean shorts not only look extra cute – but they also tell a story! I really hope you enjoyed these Geraldton Was Dawn shorts and my journey of covering stains with embroidery! If you’d like some practical tips for how to add embroidery to your jeans check out my post on Tips for Embroidery on Jeans.

Covering Stains with Embroidery | Geraldton Wax Embroidered Dawn Shorts

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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Nadine Gibbons
Nadine Gibbons
6 months ago

I am a West Australian and an emboideress, what a lovely example of our Geraldton Wax -m for those who don’t know the town is Geraldton and the flower is a wax flower and is quite the staple in gardens where due to water restrictions we try to use as many native plants because they cope so much better, and often they are either medicinal or bush food or both ( I don’t think the Geraldton wx is, but the bees love them).

5 months ago

Hurray to your saving those shorts
with the floral embroidery. I use the flower embroidery method to cover stains to save clothing and make them all the more festive to wear. For example my daughter has a pale lavender dress with coffee stains down the front. I covered the stains with pale pink daises in a cascading motif. Also, I had my sisters wedding dress as a keepsake after she passed away. The dress had a waist tied oval train that was made from soft flowy rayon. My sister had an outdoor wedding and the wedding dress train became stained with choke cherry berries. .. little brown stains all over. I made a full slip for myself and covered the random stains with bright pink daises. It is a lovely addition to my closet and a heart warming reminder of my sister’s love. I hope these examples will encourage the sewing community.