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Crafting a Moment of Mindfulness with The Skill Collective

Crafting a Moment of Mindfulness with The Skill Collective

This has been a really rough year for everyone, and I think we can agree that globally people are struggling, not just with the physical health impacts of COVID-19 but also the impacts on our mental health. It’s been hard, and more than ever we are in desperate need of relaxation and a reduction in anxiety and stress.

With that in mind, I’m really excited to let you know that this month I’ll be joining with the amazing team of clinical psychologists behind The Skill Collective to share the benefits of crafting moments of mindfulness in your life. We’ll be dedicating the month of May to sharing resources, tips, and personal stories of how we can all craft moments of mindfulness and rest for ourselves in our daily lives and our sewing!

Today we’ll be kicking off the month with a post on The Skill Collective Blog diving into what mindfulness is, what the benefits are and how as makers we can take advantage of it. I’m excited!

Head on over to The Skill Collective Blog to read our post!

Get involved!

Make sure you head over to Instagram and follow @theskillcollective for daily tips and advice for healthy mental health. I have been following along for years and highly recommend!

I’d also love for you to join with us in crafting moments of mindfulness throughout this month – feel free to save the image above, and share it to your socials or blog – tagging @theskillcollective and #craftingamomentofmindfulness

We’d love to see how you’re crafting moments of mindfulness and actively creating restful moments for yourself!

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