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Inspiration & Ideas for the Reef Camisole & Shorts Set

Inspiration for Reef - Title Card

Our Reef camisole & shorts set is close to our hearts as our favourite matching pyjama set. How many matching PJ’s are too many? Another great thing about Reef is that the camisole & shorts are absolutely wonderful as casual items on their own! We’ve been super excited to put together this inspiration post to show you some other incredible ways you can hack your Reef camisole or shorts, or simply ways to style your set into a fabulous outfit! Let’s take a look at some inspiration & ideas for Reef!Inspiration for styling of your Reef camisole
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If you’re someone who prefers a little extra coverage over your shoulders (or indeed, if it’s just a little chilly), why not add a layer underneath your Reef camisole? It’s such a great way to add some extra colour to your outfit, but also to cover up your shoulders if you feel more comfortable that way. T-shirts, turtlenecks or even button-up shirts look incredible…it’s really up to you!

Inspiration for Reef, sleepwear
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Reef was originally designed to be super comfortable and cute for sleeping in…if you’re anything like us you’ll have multiple versions in your ‘pyjama draw’ very soon! Why not try these ideas:

  • A matching set with a contrasting colour provides a bit of visual interest. Perhaps you could create a contrast crossover yoke or straps and add a faux drawstring tie to your shorts!
  • Leave your hems unfinished as a feature. Make sure to sew a couple of stitches along the hem to make sure it doesn’t fray endlessly!
  • Make your Reef shorts into pants and use with the camisole for a mid-season, warmer pair of pyjamas;
  • Extend your Reef camisole down into a dress in a silky fabric, perfect as a nightie.

Inspiration for the Reef shorts
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  • Create a more extreme curve to your shorts for a super cute summer short!
  • Make your Reef shorts in a knit to create the most perfect, slouchy loungewear. Be sure to size down and account for any stretch that the fabric may have!
  • Linen, linen, linen. I know we sound like a broken record, but Reef & linen are a match made in heaven. It will crinkle and soften so much with wear, you’ll have to make a few pairs to make sure you never go a night without!
  • While we love the curved hem of View B of the Reef shorts, the straight hem of View C makes for such a classic shape. Match with a self-fabric woven blouse or a simple white tee. Chic!

Inspiration for your Reef makes, trims!
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The beauty about the Reef camisole is that while a beautiful style, the front is a very basic v-neck shape. It really lends itself to adding any trim that you fancy! One easy way is to add some lace either underneath the V-neck or even sewn on top. You could add it around the hemline as well to add a bit of glam.

Another option (that we absolutely fell in love with) is to embroider a small patch (or like this image above, the entire front) if that is something you love doing! We’ve got a beautiful post here on how Meg created an embroidered pocket on a pair of jeans. The options for adding it to your makes are endless!

How to hack your camisole into a dress
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This might be our favourite hack so far! Turning your beautiful bias cut camisole, into a dress! It’s so simple! All you need to do is extend your pattern to your desired length and follow all the same steps right down to hemming! The only thing to consider would be how much of a flare you’d like your dress to have! You may like to taper it in slightly to account for the bias cut!


Here’s the full list of the upcoming Reef posts and tutorials:

We’d love to see what you’re creating from the new Reef camisole & shorts set pattern or the new Reef Curve camisole & shorts pattern! Don’t forget to tag your creations #MNreef and @megannielsenpatterns to share what you’ve been working on, and check out what everyone else is up to!

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