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Flint Pants Hack: Tapered Leg

Flint tapered leg tutorial

Hi there! It’s Nastasia here to share with you a simple hack to the Flint pants pattern that will give you a whole new look! Just in case you aren’t familiar with Flint yet, it’s a wide leg pattern with two really cool waistband closure options: side-tie or buttons. I love the wide-leg look, but I’m all about getting the most out of patterns and changing them up for different looks and styles. So today I’ll show you how to sew a tapered leg!

The important thing when adjusting the legs is to remember to adjust both the front pattern piece and the back pattern piece the same. You can, of course, adjust according to the look you’re going for, just be sure to make equal adjustments to the inseam and outseam, front and back. Oh and to preserve your original paper pattern, be sure to trace or copy it and then make changes to your copy!

I’m using beautiful linen that will be perfect for spring and our hot summers here in Las Vegas. I wanted them to still be nice and airy but more tapered at the bottom. If there is a pair of pants you like the fit of, you can use those as a reference for how much you’d like to alter the pattern. Just remember to take into consideration seam allowances.

Alter your pattern to your desired pant width

Let’s get started!

First I measured in at the hem 3 inches on both sides and then I drew an angled line out to where I wanted it to blend with my size. I did this for both the front and back pant pattern pieces. (Note: the actual amount you remove may be different from mine.) You can taper from around the knee area down to the hem with an angled line or slim the pants more by starting a little above the shorts cut line (I’ve shown this marked in blue above). When adjusting the pattern be sure to smooth out all lines. You want your angled lines to blend in nicely when connecting back to the pattern lines.

Cut out your pieces and sew according to the pattern instructions!

Now cut your pieces and sew your pants following the pattern instructions!

Measure your pants and take any further bulk out of the leg if you desire.

After sewing up the pants and trying them on, I took off an additional inch from the inseam and outseam (front and back) at the hem angled back out at my knee. When trying on and making further adjustments I suggest marking where your knee hits and then tapering from there to the hem. I simply use my ruler to draw an angled line in from my stitching to the hem. Then follow that line when sewing. Trim and finish the seam allowances and it’s as simple as that!

The finished tapered Flints!

I also chose to roll my pants for a relaxed look, but you can of course just follow the pattern directions and leave the hem unrolled. I’ve paired mine with a modified Rowan tee (scooped neckline). I think these pants are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Tapered Flint pants

I hope you enjoy seeing the Flint pants in a new way! Give this a try if you love the tapered pant look! It’s fun to use one pattern to create lots of different looks!

Happy sewing!



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3 years ago

I’d just started working in narrowing the legs of my Flint pants pattern.Thanks for the timely post.

3 years ago

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! Now I can stop searching for pleated tapered pants patterns. Thank you for the inspiration!

Michelle Freudiger
Michelle Freudiger
3 years ago

Thanks so much for this post. It was my intention to make a narrower leg so thanks for taking the guess work out of it for me

3 years ago

The pants are lovely – but I can’t get past the Rowan Tee hack – I love a scoop neckline! Is there a tutorial on this t-shirt hack somewhere? xxx

2 years ago

I am so excited to try this and the overalls! Thanks!!!