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Buddy’s Adventure Mini Jarrah Sweater

Mini Jarrah sweatshirt made from See You At Six Adventure french terry

Alternative title: Buddy has a never-ending growth spurt. My goodness, this kid just keeps growing! All my kids seem to be growing at lightning speed at the moment -but Bud especially is shooting up. I can’t keep up to be honest especially with the pants – i have made him so many Mini Hudsons, and every time I think I’ve left enough growing room, he gets taller! I made this Adventure Mini Jarrah for him the same day that I made Birdie’s Giraffe sweater dress, which was only a few months ago in winter, and it looks unlikely to last next winter. Hopefully i’ll be wrong – he still wears his grid sweater even though it’s getting a bit small, so maybe i’ll get lucky!

Mini Jarrah sweatshirt made from See You At Six Adventure french terry

This was a pretty standard Mini Jarrah make, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I just love the See You At Six prints! They are so whimsical and stylish and I love how there is always a matching ribbing option. I bought this fabric from MaaiDesign and was able to get a pair of Mini Hudson trackies out of it as well, though I haven’t had a chance to blog those yet. I had a hunt for this fabric, so i could link it for you, but it seems to be gone everywhere… sorry.

Buddy rarely wears them together as a set, but when he does that brings up the “is this pajamas” discussion between Chris and I again which is pretty funny. I think the other thing i really love about this make is that it’s appropriate for Bud, but not so masculine that Birdie can’t wear it when he grows out of it. I’m pretty aware of trying to make sure that my kids clothing can be passed down. I’m a huge fan of hand me downs – clothing has so much more life in it than being used for just one child. I have some things that have gone through all three of my kids and are still nice enough to pass on to friends.

They’re almost always handmade :) And I think that’s another thing i love so much about sewing for my kids beyond the unique/customized aspect- the quality is just so much better than I could buy. This has just turned into an essay about why sewing is great – but that’s ok – if anything i’m consistently obsessed with this craft!

Mini Jarrah sweatshirt made from See You At Six Adventure french terry

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