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Floreat as a Maternity Pattern!

Ah, pregnancy, isn’t it wonderful? Slightly less wonderful is how tough it can be finding clothes that fit, are stylish, AND comfortable. Not to mention the unicorn of maternity dressing…the outfit you can also wear after the bub has arrived!  That’s why we’re super thankful for versatile patterns that can grow and adapt with you as you need them – like our pattern of the month Floreat!

Floreat’s been a favourite of ours for a while now, but it first came to our attention as a great maternity pattern when one of our own team members made and wore Floreat during her own pregnancy (lightbulb moment!). The beauty of using Floreat as a maternity pattern is in its flexibility: Floreat can be made in woven or knit fabrics – so the all-important ‘stretch’ is on the table! Who says comfortable maternity clothes have to be boring?

Let’s take a look at the pattern!


Floreat Maternity is available in sizes 0-20 and Curve 14-30 and the pattern is the same as the original Floreat (so if you’re already own Floreat, you’re set!). If you’re looking to make a stretch dress or blouse, we recommend making your usual pre-pregnancy size so you’ll be able to use the pattern after your pregnancy as well! If you’re looking to make a woven Floreat, take a good look at the finished measurements table to make sure it will accommodate any changes around the bust measurement. We’d also recommend making a toile to check it is comfy!

Floreat as a maternity pattern!Floreat as a maternity pattern!

View A is a dress with long sleeves and waist ties

View A is a dress with long sleeves and an optional waist tie which adds definition to your bump and glams up the whole look (even though it still feels super comfy). Optional inseam pockets make View A ultra-functional as well – now there’s no need to bring a bulky bag which sits uncomfortably across your bump. Another great thing about this view? You can also easily shorten the sleeves if you need a little less coverage, or make them longer for the cooler months.

If you’d like to turn this dress into a nursing dress, we’d recommend adding invisible zips at the side seam, or adding some nursing openings to the front of the dress and wearing the cropped tee over the top (you can wear it knotted, or loose!)

Floreat long tee knotted under baby bump Floreat long tee loose over baby bumpFloreat short sleeve tee as maternity wearView B is a blouse with long sleeves

The asymmetric hem of Floreat gives this view such a fun touch—tie it under your bump for a super-cute way to show off baby, or leave it loose and flowing. View B is also great for the colder months as it layers seamlessly under chunkier knits and jackets. The sleeves on View B can also be made shorter to make a gorgeous blouse appropriate for warmer weather. The possibilities are endless!

Once baby arrives this view makes an incredible nursing top! The trapeze shape makes it easy to pop baby underneath for a feed, and gives you heaps of coverage at the same time. Automatic nursing cover!

Floreat cropped tee knotted over Erin maternity skirt Floreat cropped tee knotted over Erin maternity skirtView C is a cropped blouse with short sleeves

The length of View C is a beautiful (and most importantly comfortable!) way to dress up a skirt. Try wearing it knotted over your bump in combination with our Erin maternity skirt! View C also looks fab when layered with a dress—simply tie the asymmetric hem under your bust to show off your bump whilst adding some coverage to your décolletage and shoulders! It’s the perfect style to look like you’ve put heaps of effort into an outfit, even when you feel like doing anything but.

Again when baby arrives this is a great piece to layer over a dress or nursing tank to create a cute nursing combo!

View D is a sleeveless dress or blouse

Perfect for summer, this view also looks great with the waist tie to add definition (but we still think it looks beautiful without it). Inseam pockets also make it perfect for carrying all of those little bits and bobs that you just can’t be bothered rummaging around in your bag for (an elegant AND functional maternity dress?! Am I dreaming?!). And all of you lucky enough to be pregnant with a summer baby will be thankful for the sleeveless option, keeping you nice and cool during those seemingly endless summer days.

When baby arrives if you’d like to turn this into a nursing dress we’d recommend making the same alterations as View A – adding invisible zips at the side seam, or layering with the cropped tee.

Try the Floreat dress and top pattern as maternity wear!

If you’re looking at your wardrobe and wishing for a versatile, comfortable, and gorgeous dress to add to your maternity collection, go no further than Floreat. She’s got you covered—from Summer to Winter, from day to night, from one month to nine and beyond!

Have we convinced you to give Floreat a try as maternity wear? Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Don’t forget to share your Floreat dress or top – Maternity and Floreat Curve dress or top – Maternity makes with us using #MNfloreat, and make sure to tag us @megannielsenpatterns! We can’t wait to see what you make!

Try Floreat as maternity

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3 years ago

Love it! Any resources or pointers on adding the nursing hacks to this particular pattern for beginners?

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Hi Jessica! This tutorial for the Floreat sewalong shows how to add an invisible zipper to the centre back. You could follow the exact same method to install an invisible zipper in the side seams. You would add the zip before inserting the sleeves, and would line up the top of the zipper tape with the top edge of the side seam at the armscye that way the side seam sits normally and you can install the sleeves as per usual.
If you’re thinking about the option of wearing the cropped tee over the dress to make a nursing dress (and if you plan to always wear them together, you could cut nursing openings in the dress like this (From my other blog back when I was pregnant last!) or you could simply cut a slit in the centre front of the dress. I hope those help a little bit! xo

3 years ago
Reply to  Meg

Thank you so much. That’s very helpful!