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Bunny’s Vintage Sheet Mini Darling Ranges dress

Bunny's Vintage Sheet Mini Darling Ranges dress // Megan Nielsen Blog

I’ve been sitting on so many gorgeous Mini Darling Ranges makes waiting to release the pattern and I’m so excited that I get to share them all with you now! This is Bunny’s vintage sheet Mini Darling Ranges dress, and she has been wearing it constantly since we made it during the early testing days to the point where it is now – much shorter and very fitted haha. But to be honest, that’s what makes it a successful make to me. Anything that my child can wear for two years is a win – and if they love it so much that they want to wear it that long, even better!

Bunny's Vintage Sheet Mini Darling Ranges dressMini Darling Ranges dress made from a vintage sheet // Megan Nielsen Blog

Our wonderful sample maker Krystal made this sample of View C of the pattern almost three years ago when Bunny was 9. The fabric is one of my favourites ever! Vintage sheets are such a wonderful source of fabric. The prints are always so unique, and as the fabric has been used and washed over many years it’s often really soft and comfy, which my kids love.

Some of my favourite makes from old sheets are this pajama set I made use the Eucalypt tank and Reef shorts and this Matilda dress that we made during the testing phase of that pattern. The other thing i love about Vintage sheets is their price! They’re often very cheap and very wide and as a result are my favourite source of toiling fabric.

This particular sheet has been used a lot by us for Bunny. I also made her an art smock for school out of it when she was 6, which was used constantly and has now been passed down to her little sister Birdie. I would say that Bunny has well and truly grown out of this dress now at the lovely age of 12, so we will be taking this much loved vintage sheet Mini Darling Ranges dress and handing it down to her sister. Is there anything better than a handmade hand me down? I think not ;)

Megan Nielsen Mini Darling Ranges dress made from a vintage sheet Mini Darling Ranges dress patternMini Darling Ranges Dress Pattern View C sleeveless dress made from vintage sheet

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Pattern: Megan Nielsen Mini Darling Ranges
Fabric: Vintage sheet
Shoes: Saltwater Sandals

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