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Extended Pocket Opal Pants

Megan Nielsen Opal Pants with Extended Pocket

As you have probably noticed if you’ve been following for a while, I love pockets and I love to include ALL the bonus options in my patterns. So of course when it came to the Opal pattern, I had to include a bonus pocket option ;) I have been absolutely obsessed with the idea of making a pair of extended pocket Opal Pants and I am thrilled to tell you the reality of wearing them is as wonderful as my dream. Giant pockets are SO convenient! When I walk to school to pick up my kids in these I don’t need to bring anything else, I just throw my phone and keys in my ridiculous pockets and I’m off!

Opal Pants Pattern + Jarrah tee Pattern // Megan Nielsen BlogMeg's Extended Pocket Opal PantsDetail on Megan Nielsen's Extended Pocket Opal Pants

When I started working on this pair I actually wanted to make them into cargo pants. I had planned on adding some side pockets like in this tutorial we did at the end of the sewalong, but then I actually just couldn’t be bothered. Is that bad? I feel bad admitting it. I’m pretty fussy with the details when I’m sewing, and after carefully sewing both the front and back pockets, I just couldn’t bring myself to edgestitch another single thing.

But now that they’re done, I’m pretty happy with that decision. I think they look just right as they are and I have been really enjoying wearing them.

Back Pocket on Megan Nielsen's Extended Pocket Opal Pants Extended Pocket Opal Pants by Megan Nielsen

When it comes to the tee it’s my trusty Jarrah tee again! It was such a simple make – just the front and back pattern pieces from the Jarrah sweater, then all the edges turned in by 1/2″ and topstitched with a twin needle. That’s it. It’s got to be one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe – which is ridiculous because it took less than half an hour to make. I guess it just goes to show how important wardrobe staples are!

It’s amazing to me how different a pattern can look in different fabrics and views, and I feel like these Opals look so different to my $1 Opal pants and my Iso Opal pants. If you’ve been on the fence about the extended pocket on the Opal pants I really hope you give them a try, they’re such a fun detail!

Megan Nielsen Jarrah tee with Opal Pants

Make this look:
Top: Jarrah sweater sewing pattern
Pants: Opal pants pattern
Shoes: Midas

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