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Birdie’s Polka Dot Mini Darling Ranges

Birdie in her Mini Darling Ranges dress

Are you ready for this? Birdie loves her polka dot Mini Darling Ranges dress and she can’t stand still she is so excited! My girls have been so incredibly patient during the development phase of Mini Darling Ranges. I can’t even tell you how many samples they had to try on, how many fit photos were taken. For Birdie she kept falling in love with samples that she couldn’t keep yet as we were still using them. This dress was one of those samples. When Birdie tried it on in the development stage she absolutely fell in love with it and wanted to wear it immediately. But we hadn’t taken photos for the website yet. Remember when I told you the rules for sewing for kids?? This time we had to make sure we had our product images for the website before Birdie could wear her dress, and the poor kid did not take it well. She was desperate to wear it. So you can imagine the second she got the go ahead she was all over it! There was jumping, twirling, flossing and general overflowing pure joy – as you can see from these photos!

Birdie's Mini Darling Ranges dress with Arrow Mountain buttonsThe back of the Mini Darling Ranges dress

We made this sample using the softest cotton rich chambray – which was unfortunately so popular in the studio that we have none left. I wish I’d saved some to make Bunny a matching dress. Cry. The buttons are the Arrow Mountain Sakura buttons which I highly recommend. Not only because they’re ridiculously adorable, but they are also gorgeous quality and really fun to sew on. I love what a special detail they are on this dress!

I’m so happy to Birdie gets to wear her polka dot Mini Darling Ranges dress and that she is obviously so happy with it. Whenever I see my kids this excited about handmade clothing I’m reminded of why I love sewing so much!

I shall leave you with this. The epitome of smug “it has pockets” facial expression.

Polka dot Mini Darling Ranges dress - View C sleeveless with pockets

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Pattern: Megan Nielsen Mini Darling Ranges
Shoes: Saltwater Sandals

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