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Inspiration & Ideas for the Dawn Jeans

Inspiration and ideas for the Dawn jeans by Megan Nielsen Patterns

The Dawn jeans are all of our denim dreams come true. We’ve got all of your Dawn inspiration read in today’s post! With the latest trend in denim moving towards more roomy, comfortable, higher-waisted jeans we’ve been so excited to look at all of the various options for this pattern! The silhouette harks back to the classic denim fits of the 90s. Denim jeans that get better with age, fit your curves perfectly and jeans that look great with sneakers and heels, blouses and t-shirts, in winter, summer and all seasons in between.

All versions have room for you to customise your pair just for you. Change the hem (frayed, cuffed or cropped) or the pocket detailing (adding embroidery to the back pocket, or contrasting pocket bag) or just pick the leg width that suits you the best. The options are endless!


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  • Adding a little length to your jeans and rolling them at the ankle will give a true vintage look.
  • Leave the hem raw and let it fray naturally.
  • If you’ve chosen a raw hem, try cutting it into a different shape…a stepped hem perhaps!
  • Take the opportunity to make your perfect fitting white jeans. Well fitting white denim is SO hard to find in stores, why not use Dawn to create the perfect vintage white jean.

Dawn Inspo Straight
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The resurgence of the straight leg jean was a happy day for many women! Comfort levels soared as did excitement level knowing that we could all finally sit down in jeans that didn’t strangle our legs!

  • Cropped straight legs are extremely chic with heels and a button up shirt, leave the hem natural so it will fray slightly over time.
  • If you choose a longer leg length, you’ve got all hem options open to you. A stepped or cuffed hem look amazing but a traditional jeans hem gives it a classic look.
  • Choose a coloured denim or linen and match the topstitch thread to your fabric to create the same vintage silhouette without looking like you’re wearing ‘jeans’.

Dawn Inspo Wide
one | two | three | four | five | six

  • We love a wide leg jean that finishes right at the ankle creating a perfect vintage look.
  • Create a wider hem on the legs for a different look.
  • Using linen to make your wide leg jeans makes them the perfect lightweight alternative to jeans!

Dawn Inspo Shorts
one | two | three | four | five | six

  • Leave the hem of the shorts raw and let it fray as much or as little as you like!
  • Extend the length slightly and cuff just above the knee for a more modest look.


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