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Where to buy GREAT sweater fabric!

Where to buy great sweater and sweatshirt fabric! Perfect for the Jarrah sweatshirt sewing pattern // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

As soon as I started developing the Jarrah sweater pattern I became obsessed with finding the best sweater fabric. I have piled my stash high with gorgeous sweatshirting and it’s been a real joy to pull out lovely pieces to make samples and sweaters for myself with!

If you’re feeling stumped about where to find your own gorgeous sweater fabric, I’m here to help! Here is my go-to list of places to buy great sweater fabrics. If I’ve missed any awesome ones make sure to leave a comment below and let me know.

I hope you find this list super helpful for sourcing great fabrics for your Jarrah sweater and future projects.



I shop at their Nedlands store, but they do have an online store as well. I have used the fuzzbuster fleece for the Jarrah View B sample as well as the Mini Briar sweater samples. It’s good quality and they always have matching ribbing.

Shop here:

Maai Design

I discovered Maaike’s store a few years ago now and became instantly obsessed. She stocks a gorgeous range of fabrics and they are always of great quality in beautiful prints and colours. Her sweater fabric choices are unbeatable if you ask me as she also stocks the amazing See You at Six range including matching ribbing. We bought the green and nude pink sweatshirt fabric for our View A and View C Jarrah sweaters from her store.

Shop here:


Oh you absolutely must take a look at Selvage’s knit options. With such a beautiful range of prints and solid colours, you’ll find it hard to decide which one you like best!

Shop here:

The Fabric Store

This store has a great reputation for a very good reason, they just sell fantastic fabric. Their online store has a lovely selection of sweater fabrics including some gorgeous Liberty of London sweatshirting (I bought this one and can’t wait to use it). The one negative would be that I could only see one ribbing, so you may need to try and find matching ribbing elsewhere.

Shop here:

Crafty Mama’s Fabrics

One of our newsletter friends has recommended Crafty Mama’s for their amazing array of Sweater Knit and French Terry supplies. They’ve got an wonderful selection of prints and solid colours including some organic options that are perfect for Jarrah and a really extensive range of ribbing too!

Shop here:


See You at Six

My absolute favourite french terry sweatshirt fabrics are See You at Six designs and I WANT TO BUY THEM ALL. I cannot stop stashing them! If you can’t find their fabrics at a store close to you, try ordering from their online store – they still have all the prints i used in our Jarrah samples!

Shop here:


Blackbird Fabrics

Caroline always stocks fantastic quality fabrics with a great range of French Terry & Fleece and some wonderful sweater knit options.

L’oiseau Fabrics

The wonderful crew at L’oiseau Fabrics have got some beautiful choices in almost every type of fabric you could think of for Jarrah. They have a wonderful range of organic French Terry solids and even organic ribbing; as well as a great range of sweatshirt and French Terry options for you in prints and solid colours.

Shop here:

Sitka Fabrics

We couldn’t look past Sitka fabrics sweater knits for some unique printed French Terry & Fleece sweater knits. They’ve also got a great range of cuff ribbing that you might like to check out!

New Zealand

The Fabric Store

This store has a great reputation for a very good reason, they just sell fantastic fabric. Their online store has a lovely selection of sweater fabric including some gorgeous Liberty of London sweat shirting (I bought this one and can’t wait to use it). The one negative would be that I could only see one ribbing, so you may need to try and find matching ribbing elsewhere.

Shop here:



Alice at Backstitch has very kindly sent through some links to her favourite fabrics in store. She’s got an incredible supply of French TerryPonte and Sweatshirt Fleece for your sweaters and a great selection of ribbing for the cuff/hem. She’s also got a lovely lot of T-Shirt jersey available if you’re looking to make a lighter weight Jarrah!

Dragonfly Fabrics

Our friends at Dragonfly Fabrics have amazing sweater fabric in stock that would make such beautiful Jarrahs! Also, be sure to check out their boiled wool collection for something a little different and their ribbing to finish off your make!

Guthrie & Ghani

Their large range of sweatshirt and French Terry fabrics are already incredibly popular with their customers and they’ve also got a lot of loopback fabrics that could work perfectly with View C (Tie hem) of the Jarrah!

Sew Essential

Really well priced, fabulous knits from Sew Essential should give you lots of inspiration for your Jarrah make.

Shop plain sweatshirt fabric here!


Bolt Fabric Boutique

Cate from Bolt Fabric Boutique stocks a variety of ribbing colors and organic sweatshirt fleece as well as some beautiful French Terry that would be ideal with Jarrah. They’ve got more stock in store so if you don’t see what you’re after online and are local to Portland, OR give them a ring!

Shop here:

Bolt & Spool

Nan from Bolt & Spool in Cleveland, Ohio has sent us some super handy links to their various ranges of sweatshirt and French Terry fabrics! They’ve got some gorgeous Organic Terry and a range of ribbing in various colours!

Shop here:

Five Eighth Seams

If you’re in the Charleston, NC area and haven’t visited Five Eighth Seams yet, this is the perfect excuse! They have around 100 bolts of knits in the store to choose from!

Get in touch: Five Eighth Seams // 1942 Sam Rittenberg Blvd // Charleston, SC // 843-225-3958

Harts Fabric

Dana from Harts has some adorable knits perfect for Jarrah. Gorgeous printed & solid colour French Terry options, Hemp & Organic Fleece in such beautiful colours and some great ribbing choices also.

Oak Fabrics

Rachel from Oak Fabrics in Chicago has an incredible range of unique knits in colours perfect for this time of the year. Take a look through their knit section and their range of super soft Bamboo Fleece, Cotton Fleece and a large range of super cute striped ribbing.

Sew to Speak

Check out their range of sweater knits and french terry in store now!

Shop now:

Stitch Sew Shop

For customers in the Alexandria, VA area, Stitch Sew Shop is definitely the place to visit for your French Terry & sweatshirt knit needs!!

Get in touch! Stitch Sew Shop // 102 N Fayette Street // Alexandria, VA // 571-777-8783

Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics

Lauren from Stonemountain was kind enough to send through a multitude of links to all of their cosy fleece fabrics, perfect for Jarrah…and I’m completely unable to pick a favourite! They have a huge French Terry selection, sweater knits in a variety of prints and colours and an amazing Eco-Hemp/Cotton/Bamboo fleece that they are all obsessed with!

Style Maker Fabrics

All the sweater knit, fleece and french terry you’ll ever need you can find at Style Maker Fabrics. I got a little dizzy (happy dizzy) with all of the colours they have. If you’re after the perfect shade for your Jarrah, this is a perfect place to visit.

Shop here:

If you know of any other amazing suppliers of sweater fabric be sure to let us know in the comments below!!


Here’s the full list of Jarrah posts and tutorials still to come in this sewalong:

We absolutely love seeing what you make, so don’t forget to tag your creations with #MNjarrah and @megannielsenpatterns when sharing on social media, and check out what everyone else is up to!


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5 years ago

Hi! What is the fabric pictured in the photo at the top ?

Melissa Bailey
Melissa Bailey
5 years ago

Sitka Fabrics in British Columbia (Canada) has a lovely selection of unique and high quality sweatshirt fabrics and ribbing for the cuffs and bottom band. Also Watertower Textiles in Ontario (Canada) has a lovely selection of sweatshirt fabrics.

5 years ago

Thank you for this! I’m always looking for great fabric shops and I love sweatshirts of all kinds—I can’t wait to peruse these while I have some tea or coffee later :-).

5 years ago

Crafty mamas is another Australian online store that stocks good quality sweater fabrics and a great selection of ribbing

5 years ago

Some of my favourite independent Canadian fabric stores with quality fabric include:
Calgary: Loiseau Fabrics
Edmonton: Marshall Fabrics
Saskatoon: Unique Textiles Studio
Ottawa: Fabrications
Toronto: The Workroom and Downtown Fabrics

Bev Gunn
Bev Gunn
5 years ago

Sincerely Riley is a great source for sweater fabrics and they have incredible customer service!

5 years ago

I’ve gotten a lot of great sweatshirt & sweater fabrics from the Style Maker website recently (in the US). Recently they had sweater knits with matching ribbing – you almost never see that!

5 years ago

Oh, thank you for this list! I almost never sew with knits because they’re just so hard to find locally and online is often a gamble! Definitely pinning this for later. : )

5 years ago sell See You At six and Atelier Brunette French Terry. Both fantastic quality and great designs for both kids and adults. :)

4 years ago

Just wanted to add a polish shop, and their deers on sweatshirt fabric. Great for this pattern too :)

4 years ago

Thanks for this list. FYI…Five Eighths Seams is not in NC. It’s in SC. And you’re right, great store