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inspiration and ideas for the Tania culottes

inspiration and ideas for the Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen Patterns

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Let’s talk Tania inspiration & ideas! My favourite thing about the Tania culottes is that you could make it work with a variety of different fabrics. Personally, I prefer the shorter version (view A) and the fuller knee length version (view B) in lighter fabrics like challis. And I love the longer less volume versions (Views C&D) in medium weight fabrics with a little more structure, like twill. I just love the looks those create! BUT… why not switch it up?

  • Create the shorter version in a heavier wool to wear over tights during colder months.
  • Or make a midi length version in crepe de chine for a really floaty, ethereal look.
  • Take it one step farther by using a sheer chiffon and adding a lining underneath (simply use the same pattern pieces, just raise the crotch inseam by 1/4″ on both the front and the back). Wouldn’t that be so dreamy?!
  • And one word: leather. Can someone please make a leather/faux leather version like that top middle photo? Seriously in love. Or maybe just use a contrasting leather for the waistband only – that could be cute, too!

inspiration and ideas for the Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen Patternsone // two // three // four // five // six

A few other ideas:

  • add some belt loops to the waistband and a matching (or mismatching) sash belt
  • Really not a fan of zippers? Omit it and add some elastic to the waistband instead (we have an old tutorial for this listed below)
  • The new pattern version offers 3 different length options, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there! Lengthen those babies to full length for a palazzo pant look. I’m pretty obsessed with that printed look above.
  • Try some color blocking, or add lace or a fun trim to the hem.

What do you think? Do you have any other fun ideas? Or have you already created your own unique Tania culottes that everyone needs to know about? Share some ideas in the comments below!


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We absolutely love seeing what you make, so don’t forget to tag your creations with #MNtania and @megannielsenpatterns when sharing on social media, and check out what everyone else is up to!


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