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The BIG list of where to buy jeans making supplies!

We know it can be a little daunting to try and find great jeans making supplies – not to mention sourcing your dream denim for your make! So to make your life that bit easier we got together with some of our amazing stockists and put together a big list of stores where you can buy stretch denim, rigid denim and jeans notions like buttons, rivets and zippers!


Megan Nielsen Patterns

We stock our own zip and button fly kits with all the notions you’ll need to sew your Ash & Dawn jeans! The kits include the rivets and buttons you’ll need (along with some spares so you can practice installation!); a leather patch and a zip! Available in three colours, copper, nickel or brass.

Check out the button fly kits & zip fly kits here!


Harts Fabric has a selection of jean buttons and rivet kits as well as jeans zips for your next make! Check out their website for stretch and rigid denims that would be perfect for Ash & Dawn as well as a selection of corduroy fabrics we would LOVE to see made into a pair of Dawn jeans!

Stone Mountain Fabric

Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics have everything you need to make your next pair of jeans from the denim needles right down to the notions & fabric!

Bolt Fabric Boutique

Stock Robert Kaufman denims as well as brushed bull denim in various colours! Be sure to check out their selection!

Visit them in Portland OR :

Modern Domestic

Brick and mortar store stocking stretch denims.

Visit them in Portland OR:

Oak Fabrics

Beautiful range of stretch or rigid denims. Check out their range here.

Stitch Sew Shop

Brick and mortar store that will ship on request. They stock denim in a variety of weights and colours.

Visit them in Alexandria VA or online at Stitch Sew Shop.

Style Maker Fabrics

You will find exactly what you’re looking for here, with more than 40 denims for you to choose from in all shades of indigo and fun colours.

Shop here:


Megan Nielsen Patterns

You can also get our button fly kits & zip fly kits from our Australian website with all the notions you’ll need to sew your Ash & Dawn jeans! The kits include rivets and buttons (along with some spares so you can practice installation!); a leather patch and a zip! Available in three colours, copper, antique nickel or brass.

Check out the button fly kits & zip fly kits here!


Great resource for denim fabric and notions including zips, large selection of rivets & burrs as well as various jeans buttons!

Potter & Co

We used Potter’s denim for our View B Ash sample, they have so many wonderful choices in every colour you could wish for!


Stick with me :) This store will not have the best quality stretch denim you can find, but there are a few gems if you hunt. The prices are cheap so this denim is good for making muslins. Just be sure to check your stretch percentage!

Shop instore or online for their stretch denim and rigid denim as well as some other bits and pieces that will help with your jeans/denim sew!


Blackbird Fabrics

The options you will find at Blackbird Fabrics will be ALL the inspiration you need for your next few (yes…multiple) pairs of me-made jeans!

They regularly stock stretch denim (which sells out very quickly), so be sure to check it out or get in touch with the team to see if they have any stretch denim drops coming soon!

They have a wonderful selection of brushed bull denim and vintage indigo denim to suit your Dawn jeans dreams.

Rick Rack Textiles

Rick Rack have a great selection of denim for both stretch and rigid jeans patterns. Check out their range here and be sure to browse the rest of their fabric selection while you’re there!

Spool & Spindle

Another resource worth checking out, Spool & Spindle have heaps of denims to choose from in lots of colours. Be sure to check out their denim range here.


Miss Maude

Stocks stretch and rigid denim (plus a Liberty print denim!) in a beautiful range of colours. Be sure to check out their range on their website or visit them in store in Greytown, Wairarapa!

The Fabric Store

The Fabric Store always has some wonderful options, be sure to check out their gorgeous selection online here.



Stocks a large range of stretch denim, rigid denim and canvas many with interesting prints!

Shop here:

Dragonfly Fabrics

Stocks stretch denim in a range of neutral colours, check them out here.


Shop here:

Fabrics Galore

Stocks beautiful stonewashed denims as well as some stretch denims in unique colours like salmon and petrol!

Shop here:

Fabric Godmother

HUGE range of stretch denim colours, from animal prints to solid mustard and moss green, there’s something for everyone here.

Shop here:

Minerva Crafts

Very large range of stretch denim as well as 200gsm rigid Robert Kaufmann denim in a rainbow of colours!

The Village Haberdashery

A lovely range of stretch denim including a couple of wonderful earthy toned options (think mustard or cinnamon colours), check them out here.

Joel & Son Fabrics

A great range of stretch denim, you can view their denim range online or in-store!

We really hope you found our big list of jeans making suppliers helpful! Did we leave anyone out? If you know of a store that stocks jeans making supplies or you are a store stocking jeans making supplies and you’d like to be included, let us know in the comments!


Woohoo! You’re all set to start construction! The sewalong starts soon if you’d like to follow along!

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Jane & Fiona
6 years ago

Hi Megan, The Drapery has a selection of denim (including Japanese selvedge denim) and jeans hardware kits. We are here in Adelaide, Australia and online. And of course we stock your patterns too! :)

2 years ago

I think the website for potter textile is wrong, it brings me to some adult content… ? I think this is the right/updated link: