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The need for black pants

Megan Nielsen Black Flint Pants & long sleeve Rowan tee // More photos on Design Diary

So my friends, I decided at some point last year that my wardrobe was in dire need of some black pants. I’m not sure where i got this idea from, I mean I can’t think of any specific occasion where i lacked black pants and suffered for it. And yet here i was, feeling a desperate need for some black pants.

Given I don’t work in a corporate environment, and don’t really go anywhere formal, I decided I would fulfil this yearning with a relaxed interpretation of a black pant.

Megan Nielsen Black Flint Pants & long sleeve Rowan tee // More photos on Design Diary

I made a pair of Flint pants and used a black brushed cotton that I again bought from the Morrison fabric sale (i have zero self control in that sale. sorry not sorry). What I love and simultaneously hate about this fabric is it’s almost sand washed appearance. It’s the black version of the fabric i used for my Matilda dress that i almost ruined. I honestly don’t know how to describe how brushed cotton feels, but it feels luxurious and flows, and it’s almost suede like. But it also has way too much static cling, and that brushed appearance i love also means that i never irons perfectly and tends to almost look a little grubby. You know like maybe i’ve been baking and i messed flour all down my pants… or maybe i just never wash?

Megan Nielsen Black Flint Pants & long sleeve Rowan tee // More photos on Design Diary

For the buttons I used flower buttons from Arrow Mountain (you know i fan girl hard) in the arctic ice acrylic. I love these buttons so much and every project i tried to use them on never seemed to do them justice – they didn’t really stand out with busy prints or neutrals, so it was really nice to have a chance to pair them with black and have them as a feature.

But even with the cling and the textural effect which leaves me worried everyone thinks i don’t launder my clothing… i really love these pants! Turns out there really was a black-pants-shaped-hole in my wardrobe that needed to be filled. Given the silhouette and fabric choice i feel like these work pretty well dressed up or casually, and that means they work really well for my lifestyle.

Megan Nielsen Black Flint Pants & long sleeve Rowan tee // More photos on Design Diary

I’m still a little undecided when it comes to the top. It was a test garment of the Rowan long sleeved tee, and is a super soft merino jersey. Please don’t ask me to describe this colour because i legitimately have no idea. All i know, is it’s maybe green or yellow or both and is way out of my usual comfort zone. Definitely not a colour i would usually wear, and yet, i really like it? I never expected to wear it, but i actually pull it out on cold days frighteningly often! Admittedly i don’t usually wear it like this though, it’s a little sheer and I honestly don’t like see through things. I mean can you tell? I can. Without getting all TMI, i only have one bra i can wear with this top and it’s one of those supposedly super invisible t shirt bras and feel like you can still see it pretty obviously. I find i wear it more as a layer under other things on cold days. But i’m ok with that, because long tops to layer under dresses are something i’m always looking for during Perth’s very mild pathetic excuse for a winter.

Megan Nielsen Black Flint Pants & long sleeve Rowan tee // More photos on Design Diary

Now if anyone wants to invite me to anything involving an all black dress code, don’t worry, because i totally have a pair of black pants now ;)

Or i can just keep wearing them on the school run… thats fine too hehehe.

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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6 years ago

The colour of your top is called chartreuse green (a colour famously worn by Nicole Kidman in a Dior dress in 1997). Love the buttons and don’t mind the slightly mottled colour and texture of the pants. Love your analogy about messing flour down your pants!

KS Sews
6 years ago

They look really great!!

6 years ago

I love those pants Megan! They are SO stylish!

Alexandra R Stoll
Alexandra R Stoll
5 years ago

I know I am a little late to this post but those shoes could not be more perfect. Would you mind disclosing where they are from? I am in love with this outfit.