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Matching sets and faux rompers

Megan Nielsen Black crepe Flint shorts with button closure + matching Reef camisole

Do you know what i hate about rompers? They are super uncomfortable and way impractical. I own a really gorgeous RTW romper, and it looks awesome on, but you literally don’t want to take a bathroom break or you will  have to entirely undress. I find that really irritating. And I have to be honest, I am yet to find a romper that is comfortable to sit in, and i’m not even a tall woman.

Enter the faux romper. The sneaky matching set.

Megan Nielsen Black crepe Flint shorts with button closure + matching Reef camisole

I made a Reef tank and Flint shorts out of the same fabric, and I think it gives me the same look I always want from a romper, without the massive downsides of actually, you know, wearing a romper.

Even better, I can wear the tank and shorts separately – and i have! Many many times and will continue to do so. I love any garments that fit into your existing wardrobe that well.

Megan Nielsen Black crepe Flint shorts with button closure
Megan Nielsen Black crepe Flint shorts with button closure
Megan Nielsen Black crepe Flint shorts with button closure

The fabric is a lovely crepe that I bought at the Morrison clothing fabric sale – which most Perth girls will know is the best place to get good fabric cheap. Morrison is a local fashion brand that twice yearly sells off their past season excess fabric, and it’s always beautiful and a much better quality and more interesting print selection than can often be found in local stores. Every single time they hold it i say i won’t go…then i do, and i buy way more than i need hehe.

For the Flint shorts I graded from a small at the waist to a medium at the hip which is a pretty usual adjustment for me, and I’m really happy with the loose flowy fit. My only regret with these shorts is the buttons. I was lacking inspiration and added these cheap black plastic buttons because they were, well, black. And in my stash. And that’s the only logic i used. But i plan on replacing them with some lovely Arrow Mountain buttons a selection of which you see in the photos. They’re much better quality and I think they’ll suit the shorts better. Arrow Mountain buttons have become quite an obsession with me!

The Reef tank is a straight size XS, because well i’m just not large in the bust and with the bias cut i really didn’t see the point in grading out to a small at the waist. Why add in more effort when it isn’t needed?

As is often the case, these unassuming, possibly basic shorts and camisole, have been my most worn summer pieces this year. I know it’s been said too many times – but black really does go with everything! I’m looking forward to wearing these on repeat again, now that warm weather is returning to Perth!

Megan Nielsen Black crepe Flint shorts with button closure + matching Reef camisole
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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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6 years ago

Could not agree with you more – I love the look of rompers on other people but they are horrendous to wear and take on and off, plus the advantage of separates is huge. I’ve done something similar with a pair of elastic waist pants and an Ogden Cami. Your set looks gorgeous.

Siobhan S
6 years ago

Oh my goodness, I bought a gorgeous short little jumpsuit at the op shop today and it was a total disaster on! Just wedgie central, front and back – I forgot I’m way too tall for RTW jumpsuits. Though your post has inspired me to see if I can make a two piece from it!

6 years ago

The only reason I haven’t joined the jumpsuit trend is because I have clear memories from my childhood in the 80s of how uncomfortable they are – haha! You are so clever, love your faux romper!

6 years ago

I made up a “set” for the first time a year ago (pants & tunic in a gorgeously soft gray french terry) and absolutely loved it. I think making “sets” of things is a real advantage of making your own clothes. I have your Reef pattern and keep meaning to make it up! Now you’ve given me lots more ideas for it :)

6 years ago

Love this combination!

Let’s Get Sewing
6 years ago

I absolutely love this! It looks every bit as gorgeous as a real one but so much more useful!
You can also wear them as separates.

6 years ago

I love this! Even if I do find a romper that fits properly (which really is never, unless I sew it), there’s the whole how-do-I-pee issue. This is brilliant!

Pandit Vijay Ram
4 years ago

It is always gives a great dressing sense as well. You all set looks gorgeous.

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