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The third little pig costume

The Third Little Pig costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

One of the things i have always loved about my kids is how individual they are – and Buddy, that is him 100%. This year the second bookweek was talked about at school, he came home declaring he wanted to be the third little pig. I was confused, so he explained that he wanted to be the third little pig in the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf – the smart one, the one that builds his house out of bricks and saves the other pigs and beats the wolf.

Honestly, this kid can talk me into anything, and he made me love that story i’ve heard a million times, all over again. Suddenly the third little pig sounds like this amazing hero. Nice work dude.

Now here i must admit i struggled at first on how to achieve this costume. Buddy wanted a construction hat, and a full pink pig costume. I just couldn’t bring myself to make an entire full onesie style pig costume, I was coming off an epic month long stint of sample sewing and i was really exhausted. So i decided to leave that part to figure itself out in the back of my brain, and began the hunt for a construction hat.

It took a couple of stores, but finally i found a construction costume set at Toys R Us. I don’t think i’ve ever loved a toy store so much (i hate toy stores). The second i found the set, i knew how to make the rest work – it included the hat some tools and a vest with toolbelt.

I went straight home and made a tail which i hot glued to the back of the vest, ears which i hotglued to the hat and a piggie nose. Something i had stressed about for two weeks came together in a day, and i was so pleased!

The nice thing about this costume, was that he was able to wear it over normal clothing – which meant when he got tired of being dressed up (which i believe was approximately morning tea time hehehe) he could take off the hat nose and vest and be comfy in his regular stuff.
The Third Little Pig costume // Megan Nielsen Design DiaryThe Third Little Pig costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Incase you’d like to make something similar, here are tutorials i used:

  • Ears / i used pink fleece and then hot glued the ears to the hat. This tutorial is actually for My Little Pony ears, but i honestly think it works perfectly for pig ears too.
  • Nose / i used pink fleece, a toilet role, fold over elastic and black leather for the nostrils. oh anda lot of hot glue!
  • Tail / i used the same pink fleece as for the other parts, and i also made mine shorter as it was quite long. This tutorial also includes instructions for an entire ridiculously adorable pig costume, but it was too girly for Buddy. I then hot glued it to the vest.
  • This is a really similar construction worker costume.

I am incredibly grateful to the lovely bloggers who made tutorials for the various components and generously shared them on the internet. Sometimes i wonder how i’d figure stuff like this out if i didn’t have the internet! What did all of our mothers do when they had to make us costumes?!

Now that book week is over Buddy has requested that i take the costume apart so he can have a pig separate to a construction worked – so i guess i have some more sewing to do!!!

The Third Little Pig costume // Megan Nielsen Design Diary

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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7 years ago

aww this is brilliant Megan! I think costumes like this, that can be taken off, are the way to go as I know my wee boy would get bored, and too hot, in a onesie style costume. I love Buddy’s imagination to come up with this idea too!

7 years ago

Being a mom takes more than you would think. You need the imagination to take a trip down that road that only children (and those who never lost their child eyes) see. Congratulations, Megan, you still have that spark. Nurture it carefully.

Lynsey Welch
Lynsey Welch
7 years ago

Loving his style, Buddy sounds like a real character, luckily he has a mom to make his thoughts come to life, you did a great job! The internet is a lifesaver, I can’t count the times my kiddies have come home saying they have a mad plan for homework, fancy dress or when they are bored and we need an activity (I’m addicted to Pinterest!!) a resourceful mom and the web can take on the world :) x