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DIY Glitter capped sneakers

DIY glitter capped sneakers // Fixed your scuffed up sneakers by covering the toe caps in fabric glitter glue! Full tutorial on Megan Nielsen Design Diary

Can glitter save scuffed shoes? The answer is YES. Of course, glitter fixes everything!

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from having a very active girl, is that you need to have a lot of knee patches handy, and tricks for fixing things that get scuffed and ripped. Bunny is a special combination of girl who likes to wear pretty things and look like a princess, and girl who likes to roll in the mud and destroy all her clothing.

I was that kind of a girl too. Girls that are active and like getting dirty and doing dang fun stuff, often get called Tomboys, and i must admit, that’s a label i don’t really like. It’s always rubbed me the wrong way, because it’s always implied that being an active little girl isn’t normal, and isn’t consistent with the normal frilly tutu sparkly whatever that girls are expected to like. And that’s just not true. Girls can be both. Girls can sparkle and enjoy climbing a tree.

I know, because that’s my Bunny.

And these are her favourite white sneakers. Ah yes, this is where that intriguing combination becomes quite comical. She wants to have the pretty super white sneakers BUT she will then take them into the yard, climb a tree, have a race, and crawl on the ground like a cat until they are scuffed. And then she is sad.

That’s when i had a brainwave – glitter glue to the rescue! I was a bit nervous to try this, as these shoes were pretty pricey – but since they looked pretty rotten as they were, i figured i couldn’t make it worse.

I gave them a good clean, then I simply took some of my very favourite glitter glue and smeared it thick all over the toe caps. Now if i was a more patient woman, I believe a smoother result would have been acheived by painting on a thin layer, letting it dry, and then repeating multiple times. But i am not patient ;) So i covered it in thick goopy glitter glue and left those shoesies in the sun to dry.

And Voila! Sparkle toes! Dare i say i like them better now?! Bunny says they are even better than before! And the great news is that next time Bunny comes back into the house dressed in a tutu and covered in mud with epically scuffed sparkle sneakers, i can just top up that section with more glitter glue. WIN.

So my dears, if you also have a little girl who is equal parts pretty-sparkle-unicorn-princess and muddy-mess-making-clothing-ruiner, i suggest you get yourself some glitter glue, and a lot of love heart knee patches :)

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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Sew Sarah Smithh
7 years ago

This is inspired! My Pixie Princess has a pair of once white Converse that I’ve almost tossed a couple of times; I am so going to do this!!!

7 years ago

Awesome idea, they look fab and I’m sure she looks gorgeous in them. You can’t beat a bit of sparkle!

7 years ago

I noticed her sparkly shoes this morning and thought how cute it was!


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