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Fresh looks in store!

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We’ve just updated some of our favourite patterns with fresh new looks, and we are so excited to share them with you!

Recently I realised that many of our patterns don’t show finished garments for all of the variations, and don’t have enough detail images. Some images were even from my ready to wear days, and really needed a good updating. Of course the second i noticed I wanted to fix it! So for the last few weeks i’ve been creating new samples, with carefully chosen fabrics to make sure you can see all the design details better. Then we had a big photoshoot for some of our most popular patterns, as well as new upcoming patterns. It was really fun and also super duper tiring hehe. Many pastries were eaten. We’ll be adding new photos for the rest of the patterns over the coming months, after we gather the energy for another shoot hehe.

This was actually our first indoor shoot – and i have to admit, as much as i love outdoor shoots, having constant access to a bathroom and food ( i am VERY food motivated) was completely amazing. I am a convert. You might recognise my lovely model Ashleigh – she was the face of my Breakwater collection photoshoot! She is such a joy to work with. The rest of the team included Jacqui Bradfield for hair and makeup, my lovely assistant Sarah and graphic designer Yvette who helped with styling and running the shoot while i put on my photographer hat for the day :)

Well my dears I really hope you enjoy the new look images! Now when you head over to the store, you can see finished garments for each variation of Darling Ranges, Sudley, Tania, Brumby and Briar, and get a better look at those all important little details and design features.

Check out the new looks in store and tell me what you think!

Meg xoxo

About Author

Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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Amy G
Amy G
7 years ago

The new photos look great!

7 years ago

I love the new pictures! The fabrics/colours work so well together now!

7 years ago

I spy some Axel skirts too?! can’t wait to sew some up!