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Tutorial // Adding Pockets to the Mini Tania culottes

How to add pockets to the Mini Tania culottes sewing pattern

Hello Megan Nielsen Diary readers! It’s Sarah with Lace & Pine Designs. I recently shared with you all a dress hack for the Mini Briar and today I will be sharing with you how to add pockets to the Mini Tania. The Mini Tania is such a great pattern for little girls. My daughter loves to wear dresses and putting pants on her is nearly impossible. She’s in Kindergarten now, but still struggles to understand modesty and will swing upside down flashing her undies to everyone at the park. Culottes are great for active little girls. They look like a skirt, but have the coverage needed so us moms don’t have to worry about our little ones showing their undies to everyone. Although the Mini Tania pattern is great as is, I love to add pockets whenever possible. The Mini Tania have side seams, making it extremely easy to add pockets. You could simply add a hidden pocket in the side seam, but I prefer the look of a front-hip pocket.

Mini Tania Pockets Photo 2

To add the pockets, you will need to make a slight adjustment to the front pieces and create 2 additional pattern pieces for the pocket bag. I have created a pdf file with the pocket pattern I used for my daughter’s size 4/5 in Version 3. This pattern should work just fine for all sizes of the Mini Tania, although, you may desire a bit more depth in the larger sizes. The great news is you shouldn’t need any extra material to create the pockets for the Mini Tania. The scraps from the main pattern pieces will be sufficient to cut the pocket pieces.

// Materials //

// Creating Pocket Pattern Pieces //

Step 1: Cut out all Mini Tania paper pattern pieces in desired size.

Mini Tania Pockets Step 2

Step 2: To create the curve for the pocket on the front short pattern pieces (1, 3, or 5), place Mini Tania Pocket Addition Pattern behind your front piece, matching the upper corners along the side seam (upper right corner if you are looking at the front of the pattern piece). Trace over the inner curved line onto the front pattern piece. Cut along the curved line. You now have your new front pattern piece.

Mini Tania Pockets Step 3

Step 3: Cut out both copies of the Mini Tania Pocket Addition Pattern. Cut one along the inner curved line. Label the smaller piece “7”, this will be your pocket facing, and the larger piece “8”, this will be your pocket lining.

Step 4: Go ahead and cut into your fabric. Cut 2 of “7” and 2 of “8”, making sure to do a right and left side for each. Pay extra attention to the grainline marking on the pattern. You want to make sure your pockets hang the same as the culottes.

// Sewing the Pockets //

How to add pockets to the Mini Tania culottes sewing pattern

Step 5: Place the pocket facing (7) and the shorts front (1,3 or 5) right sides together, matching up the raw edges of the curved edge of the pocket. Stitch along curved edge with a 5/8″ seam allowance.

Mini Tania Pockets Step 6

Step 6: Clip along the seam allowance getting close to your stitching, but not cutting into it. Grade the seam allowance.

Mini Tania Pockets Step 7

Step 7: Open up the pocket facing and the short front, pressing the seam allowance towards the facing. Understitch as close to the seam as you are comfortable with on top of the facing and the seam allowance.

Mini Tania Pockets Step 8a
Mini Tania Pockets Step 8b

Step 8: Press pocket facing behind the front short piece, paying particular attention to the curved pocket edge.

How to add pockets to the Mini Tania culottes sewing pattern
Mini Tania Pockets Step 9b

Step 9: Place your pocket lining (8) on top of the short front (1,3 or 5) and pocket facing (7) so the right side of the pocket lining faces the right side of the pocket facing. Match up the curved edges of the pocket lining and pocket facing. Stitch the pocket bag around the curved edge using a 5/8″ seam allowance. Finish your seams as you desire.

Mini Tania Pockets Step 10a
How to add pockets to the Mini Tania culottes sewing pattern

Step 10: Baste the top and sides of the pocket bag to the shorts front.

Step 11: Repeat Steps 5-10 for the other side of your culottes.

Step 12: Follow the full steps for the Mini Tania to put the remainder of your culottes together. The adjustments you have made should not affect the construction of the Mini Tania in any way.

Mini Tania Pockets Photo 3

And, you did it! Your little girls will be so happy to have pockets to hold all their little finds. I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to help. Come say hello over on my blog Lace & Pine Designs or on Instagram @laceandpine. I love meeting others passionate about sewing and/or raising little ones! Happy Sewing!

Mini Tania Pockets Photo 5
Mini Tania Pockets Photo 4


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8 years ago

Ooh! I just bought the ‘grown up’ version and was thinking about adding pockets. This is excellent!


[…] create a dress from her Mini Briar pattern. Today on her blog I’m sharing another tutorial on adding hip pockets to her Mini Tania pattern. The Mini Tania is a culotte pattern for girls. I chose to create the culottes in Robert […]

Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu
3 years ago

Thank you for the pocket pattern! I just want to let you know that it actually doesn’t fit the size 4-5 v1 because the v3 is less flared so the angles are different. I’ll figure it out though, thanks!