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All about our children’s sizing and how to choose the best size for your child

Megan Nielsen Patterns MN4303 MINI BRIAR Envelope B

With our childrens line of sewing patterns launching on Saturday, i thought i’d give you a little background info about our kids pattern sizing and how you can expect them to fit.

I thought long and hard about how i wanted to do our children’s sizing. I have three children, so i know how quickly kids grow out of their clothing and how important it is for them to be comfortable. I wanted to keep all of this in mind, and ensure that garments created from my patterns grow with you child.

How our size charts work

Here’s a look at the back of the Mini Briar envelope. When you look at our size charts you’ll see the child’s Age Range across the top, and the Height, Chest and Waist measurements. All of our sizing is designed with each size covering a range of measurements, rather than a static single measurement as you would do for say adult clothing. Children are constantly growing, so each size includes room to grow. The size you choose should fit your child until they grow beyond the maximum measurement for the size band.

A few tips for choosing the right size

If your child is between two sizes, I recommend choosing the larger size and allowing them to grow into the clothing and get more wear out if it. Having said that, our fit is intended to be comfortable, so in most cases you could still get away with the smaller size too if you wanted (As long as you pay proper attention to fabric stretch requirements).

If your child’s measurements are significantly smaller than their age, i recommend cutting a size closer to their age and adjusting the length and elastic fit to their needs.

That’s it!

Can’t wait to share the collection with you this weekend!

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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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