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YBcreative typography art prints // LOVE print

I’m so excited because Yvette Brownlie of YBcreative (the awesome graphic designer behind our huge rebranding this year) has just launched her own print shop! It’s full of gorgeous typography and brushwork, and I’m really proud of her and excited by this new venture.

I ordered these pretty much right away – the LOVE print i originally intended for Birdie’s room, but now i’m pretty sure i’m going to keep it for my own room (hehe does that make me a terrible mother?!) and the Start print is going straight to my workroom. Sometimes i really need a good reminder to step away from the procrastination station.

Check out the YBcreative print shop, and follow Yvette on Instagram and her blog.

Meg xoxo

YBcreative typography art prints // START something today
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