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Veronika in brocade

I’m sure this happens to many people – but i have a rather large section of my wardrobe that i don’t wear anymore because it’s just not really appropriate for my lifestyle. Cocktail dresses, suits, sky high heels – i love it all, but most of those pieces don’t have a place in my life at this stage. And that’s ok! Life has lots of stages, and i love the way my style has evolved – but i can’t help mourning some pieces i no longer have an excuse to pull out. This skirt falls into that category. I adore it, but the way i’ve worn it in the past wouldn’t make sense these days. Can’t see that at school pick up right?! hehe. But i can’t seem to part with it. Which means it’s time to find a different way to wear it!

Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt
Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt

This kind of styling fits my life a lot more now – cropped Briars are my staples, and flats are a necessity for all the walking i do. Perfectly honestly, I still prefer wearing skirts like this in a more formal put together way – but i think sometimes you just need to roll with reality!

I’ll kind of take any excuse to wear this Briar too – amazing how it’s become such a staple for me. Here is how i made it from a tshirt and here is the neckline finish i gave it.

Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt

One of the things i have always loved about this particular skirt is the hem. It’s finished with horsehair braid, which adds just enough body and fullness to make the hem really pop. I really need to use horsehair braid more often, definitely one of my favourites. The pattern itself is our simple Veronika skirt – Version 1 with inseam pockets instead of the scalloped pockets. That’s whats great about this pattern – it’s simple enough to be an easy sew – but can really have wow factor depending on the fabrics and finishing you use.

The lining is cut with the exact same pattern pieces. It probably wasn’t entirely necessary to include lining – but i’m of the opinion that if you use something lovely like silk brocade, you really should finish it properly and line that puppy. Also horsehair braid is itchy guys. itchy.

As a side note – i’ve really loved seeing all the Veronika skirts you gals are coming out with! They’re awesome! There is seriously nothing more awesome than seeing you all enjoy a pattern this much!

hugs xoxo

Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt
Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt


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9 years ago

What a gorgeous skirt! I love how you’ve styled it in a more casual way, its nice to be able to get more wear out of your favorite me-mades. And I love how the horsehair braid adds structure to the skirt! Where did you purchase it from, do you know if it would be available from Spotlight/Textile Traders here in Perth?

9 years ago

Love it! And I agree with Miranda, so nice to get a little extra wear from these garments as I lead a pretty casual life too these days -few fancy events. I’ve just used some horsehair braid myself to stiffen the hem of a super cheap polycotton pleated skirt for a friends wedding -worked a treat! I’ll definitely be using it more often.

9 years ago

Oh man, I love the way you’ve styled this! You look amazing!