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one year old

That’s right – my little baby Birdie turned one last month. I really don’t know how this year went so fast! Which is basically the definition of motherhood i think… years going too fast. I’d like to freeze them for a second or two and soak in more moments! I’m pretty sure it was yesterday we brought her home.

The main problem here is that I can’t seem to stop myself from calling her a baby – even though i know we are well into “toddler” now.

One year old Birdie
One year old Birdie

I love seeing how different all three of our kids are – Birdie is by far our quietest. She is the shy little dove – very content to watch the big kids and giggle at their antics. She is cautious, and it takes a bit of assessment before she warms up to someone she hasn’t met before, but once she is sure, get ready for a smiling cuddle fest. She’d be quite happy if i held her all day i’m sure hehehe.

Her favourite place is the garden, her favourite food is peas, her most treasured possession is her little giraffe whom she sleeps with – and her favourite toys are her siblings. We have a ridiculous collection of baby/toddler things saved over the years, but nothing compares to Bunny and Buddy in her little world.

In my incredibly biased mummy opinion, she is nothing short of awesome. Happy birthday to my littlest love!

One year old Birdie
One year old Birdie
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8 years ago

Happy birthday sweet Birdie!! Wow that year went fast from this side of the world too (even though you had her just a few months after I had my third, haha!). She’s such a little cutie!

8 years ago

Happy Birthday Birdie! She is adorable and reminds me of my daughter at that age, she will be 7 next month which I find unbelievable, time really does go faster with each child you have!!

8 years ago

Happy First Birthday Birdie! What a sweetie. I’m currently waiting on granddaughter #1…83 days till D(ue) Day–but who’s counting? ;-)

Reana Louise
8 years ago

That crown! Those chubby little feet! My heart melts.

8 years ago

Happy Birthday to your cutie!