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introducing // the maker tee

Please excuse me while i hyperventilate a bit.

You guys! I am SO excited to announce the release of my Maker tees and share this little editorial with you!


These tees are part of a greater vision i have for supporting humanitarian efforts through my brand. They come from a burning passion i have to help women and children who are stuck in sex slavery and human trafficking. They are made in the heart of the red light district in Kolkata India by women who have escaped sex slavery, through an amazing organization called Freeset. Each shirt is sewn and screen printed by them on site, and created using only organic fairtrade cotton. Workers are hired based on their need not on their skills. They receive on the job training and support to help them build a life.

Behind each shirt is hope and freedom and dignity. I am thrilled to bits!!! My hope is to continue selling these tees, and branch out into more designs so that i can continue to send business to the women of Freeset. Many people have asked me about other ways they can get involved – the Freeset Trust accepts donations – which they use to provide healthcare and childcare to Freeset workers and teach them to read, write and budget.


I know this tee has a mission behind it – but I also wanted it to stand on its own as an awesomely designed tee. Something that i would want to wear every day. I came up with the “Maker” slogan because it’s something i’ve wanted on a tshirt for a long time. That’s what we do after all, we make things. And i feel like it encapsulates so many people, not creatives or just sewers or knitters.

For a long time I’ve adored the work of typography artist Jasmine Dowling, so i jumped at the chance to commission her for this project. And i couldn’t be more thrilled! She was a joy to work with and somehow managed to read my mind perfectly. I can’t wash mine fast enough to wear it again. We actually also have another “Maker” themed design that is more masculine that i am thinking of releasing for the guys, what do you think about that? I would also love to release some kids tees as Bunny is quite miffed that she doesn’t have one hehe.


Other than that, here are a few of the boring (ha!) details you may like to know.

  • These tees run true to size for Megan Nielsen Sizing. So if you usually wear a Medium in my patterns, you are a Medium tee. My gorgeous model has a 36″ bust, and wears a size small and you can see it is a nice close fit. If you want a looser fit size up :)
  • Sizes run XS – XXL (that’s one size larger than my patterns!). I have ordered every size they have available hehe
  • This is a product i plan on continuing indefinitely – if your size is sold out you should see the option to preorder a tshirt, which means that it will be about 4 weeks away from being delivered to you. If it’s not working give us a holla at
  • They are super soft organic cotton, and can be laundered as a regular tee. I am a little more careful with mine because i love it so much – so i wash cool and hang to dry (no tumbledrying for me)
Thanks so much for all of your support! I am so excited about this and can’t wait to do more!! If you’d like to purchase a Maker tee, you can find them in my store HERE.



Artwork: Jasmine Dowling
Model: Megan Crosby // Megan Crosby MUA

Hair & makeup: Megan Crosby // Megan Crosby MUA 
Photography & Styling: Megan Nielsen 

About Author

Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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9 years ago

What a gorgeous idea! I wish you best of luck and blessings with your endeavour. Is there any possibility of buying a plain, unprinted tee?

9 years ago
Reply to  Meg

Thank you so much! I’ve just placed an order for a tee with Liminal x

Shona Stitches
9 years ago

This is so awesome, Megan! Not only are you supporting a fantastic cause, this is actually a shirt I’d love to wear. I’ll be ordering one as soon as I can afford to! Good luck with this new venture and I hope to see more craft themed designs :)

9 years ago

So cool Megan! I love that the neckline is nice and high, and the Maker slogan is PERFECT!

9 years ago

This is such a lovely idea, Meg! I’ll be purchasing one at some stage in the not too distant future. Great to be doing something to help girls and women who are a lot less fortunate than us. xo

Julie Bonnar
9 years ago

What a great idea. Will feature on my website and spread the word. One question what percentage goes to freeset please? I think people would be interested to know. Good luck with the venture!

Julie Bonnar
9 years ago

Yes thanks Megan it does!

9 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this! I know we’ve never met, but following along with your journey has been just inspiring. This is a beautiful product with a beautiful goal, I’m hoping this is a RAVE success because it’s brilliant
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