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Quick tip // Using a mens tshirt as fabric

If you’ve been reading Design Diary for a while, you know i loving taking something old and making it new again. I love reimagining and i love fabric from unusual sources

A while ago i bought a tshirt from Print Liberation and they had some screen print test print shirts for like $5 or something. I thought all of the prints on top of one another looked cool, so i bought one not really sure what i’d do with it. When it arrived i saw the 1984 on the front, and thought yes, BIRTH  YEAR! boooyahh hehe. So i decided to make a Briar crop top out of it – and thought i’d share with you what i did incase you’d like to try something similar

So if you are planning to use a mens shirt to make a womens shirt, here are my tips:

  1. Get the largest mens shirt you can – obviously the more fabric you have the better right?
  2. Cut the shirt open along the seams and separate out the pieces. Be careful and don’t make more cuts than you need to.
  3. Check where things fit best, but i normally find that sleeves fit on sleeves best. Think about any logos or marks you want to avoid
  4. Make things easy for yourself and use the current hem as your new hem! If you lay your pattern pieces up agains the bottom edges you can use the sewn hem and won’t have to sew a new one – yay!
  5. I often use mens tshirts as fabric for my kids clothing – you can often get a whole toddler outfit out of one tshirt.
For this top i used the Briar croptop pattern and i had tonnes of fabric left. i could have made a regular tshirt, but for the placement of the prints i wanted a crop top made the most sense.
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Meg is the Founder and Creative Director of Megan Nielsen Patterns, and is constantly dreaming up ideas for new sewing patterns and ways to make your sewing journey more enjoyable! She gets really excited about design details and is always trying to add way too many variations to our patterns.

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9 years ago

Very cute top – the print looks very arty! Also love the skirt.

9 years ago

I love this! I admit to buying soft men’s undershirts in xxxl a lot! and using them to make tank tops, sleep tops, and inside-out chemo caps!

9 years ago

Love it! Last year for my 30th birthday I bought myself a tshirt that says “Made in 1984 – 30 years of AWESOMENESS” ;)

9 years ago

Whoa, this is awesome! What a fantastic top! Um… but now I feel old!